Guide: How to Say Goodbye to a Sailor

Saying goodbye to a sailor can be an emotional experience, whether they are leaving for a deployment, a training mission, or returning home after a long time at sea. It’s important to show your support and appreciation for their service while also expressing your feelings. This guide will provide you with formal and informal ways to say goodbye to a sailor, along with tips, examples, and regional variations to help make the farewell memorable and heartfelt.

Formal Farewell:

1. Express your gratitude: Start by thanking the sailor for their service, sacrifice, and dedication to their country. Let them know how much you appreciate their commitment to protecting others.

Example: “Thank you for your unwavering commitment to defending our nation. Your bravery and sacrifice inspire us all.”

2. Wish them well: Share your best wishes for their journey, whether they are headed off to a deployment or leaving the service. Show your support and encouragement.

Example: “May your journey be safe and your mission successful. Our thoughts and prayers go with you.”

3. Recognize their bravery: Acknowledge the risks and challenges sailors face. Let them know that their bravery does not go unnoticed and that you stand behind them.

Example: “Your courage in the face of danger is truly admirable. We are proud to have you protect us, and we eagerly await your safe return.”

4. Leave them with inspiration: Share an inspiring quote, poem, or personal message that conveys your admiration and belief in their abilities.

Example: “As you sail into the unknown, remember that the smoothest seas don’t make the best sailors. Your strength and resilience will carry you through any storm.”

Informal Farewell:

1. Use personal anecdotes: Share a funny or meaningful memory you have with the sailor. Make them smile and remind them of the good times you’ve shared.

Example: “Remember that time we got caught in a storm and had to huddle together? Despite the chaos, we laughed so hard. Take that laughter with you, my friend.”

2. Reflect on their impact: Highlight the positive influence they’ve had on your life or the lives of others. Let them know how much they mean to you and how their presence will be missed.

Example: “You’ve been a guiding light in my life, always bringing joy and inspiration. Your absence aboard will be felt deeply, but it also fills us with pride.”

3. Express your emotions: Share your feelings openly and honestly. Let the sailor know how much you will miss them and how important they are to you.

Example: “Saying goodbye is never easy, and the thought of you being away pulls at my heart. Your friendship has been a lifeline, and I’ll be counting the days until your return.”

4. Plan for the future: Discuss the exciting moments you look forward to sharing once they return. Give them something to anticipate and remind them of the bright future ahead.

Example: “When you come back, we’ll have so many stories to catch up on, adventures to embark on, and memories to create. Hold on to that thought during tough times.”

Tips for a Meaningful Farewell:

1. Be sincere: Your words should come from the heart. The sailor will appreciate genuine sentiments rather than generic phrases.

2. Be positive: While farewells can be emotional, focus on optimism and encouragement. Remind the sailor of their capabilities and the support they have.

3. Keep it personal: Tailor your goodbye message to reflect your unique relationship with the sailor. Include inside jokes or shared experiences to make it special.

4. Offer support: Let the sailor know you are there for them and will support them throughout their journey, both emotionally and practically.

5. Customize for the occasion: Whether it’s a deployment, an end of service, or a homecoming, adapt your message to match the specific situation and the sailor’s feelings at that time.


Saying goodbye to a sailor is never easy, but with the right words, you can convey your gratitude, emotions, and optimism. Whether you choose a formal or informal approach, the most important thing is to express your appreciation and support for their service. Add personal touches, share inspiring messages, and let them know how much they mean to you. Embrace the warmth of the farewell and look forward to joyful reunions when they return. Fair winds and following seas to all sailors!

Written by Dora Danielle

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