How to Say Girl in British: Formal and Informal Ways

When it comes to addressing a girl in British English, there are various formal and informal terms you can use depending on the context and your relationship with the person. This guide will outline the different ways to refer to a girl in British English, including tips, examples, and regional variations if necessary.

Formal Terms for Girl in British English:

If you want to address a girl formally in British English, you can use the following terms:

1. Young Lady:

The term “young lady” is a formal way to address a girl, usually when you want to show respect or politeness. It is commonly used by educators, professionals, or when addressing a girl you are less familiar with. For example:

“Excuse me, young lady, could you please direct me to the nearest bookstore?”

2. Miss:

The term “miss” is a commonly used formal title for an unmarried woman or girl. It is used in both professional and social contexts. For instance:

“Miss Johnson, could you please provide an update on the project?”

Informal Terms for Girl in British English:

When addressing a girl informally in British English, the following terms are commonly used:

1. Girl:

The term “girl” is a neutral and informal way to refer to a female of any age. It can be used in casual conversations and friendly contexts. For example:

“Hey, girl! How was your weekend?”

2. Lass:

In certain regions of the UK, particularly Scotland and parts of Northern England, the term “lass” is a popular way to refer to a girl or young woman informally. It adds a touch of regional charm and friendliness. Here’s an example:

“Alright, lass? Fancy joining us for a cuppa?”

Regional Variations:

While the terms mentioned above are widely used in British English, it’s important to note that regional variations exist. In some areas, you might come across unique and charming colloquialisms for “girl.” Here are a few examples:

1. Bird (London and Southeast England):

In London and Southeast England, it is not uncommon to hear the term “bird” used informally to refer to a girl. Although it may seem slightly dated, it can still be encountered in casual conversations among friends. For instance:

“Alright, bird? Fancy a pint after work?”

2. Hen (Yorkshire and Northeast England):

In Yorkshire and Northeast England, the term “hen” is often used informally to refer to a girl or woman. It conveys friendliness and familiarity. Here’s an example:

“How’s it going, hen? You up for a night out?”


In British English, there are several ways to address a girl formally and informally. Some of the formal terms include “young lady” and “miss,” while the informal terms commonly used are “girl” and “lass.” However, it’s essential to consider the regional variations, such as “bird” in London and Southeast England or “hen” in Yorkshire and Northeast England. Remember to choose the appropriate term based on the context and the level of familiarity.

By following these guidelines, you can address girls in British English with respect, warmth, and cultural awareness!

Written by Ebony Fannie

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