How to Say Eligible in Other Words

Eligibility is often a term used to describe the state of being qualified or suitable for a specific purpose or condition. However, if you find yourself using the word “eligible” repeatedly, it can get monotonous and repetitive. To avoid this, it’s helpful to know alternative words and phrases that convey the same meaning as “eligible” in both formal and informal contexts. In this guide, we will explore various synonyms for “eligible,” providing tips and examples along the way.

Formal Alternatives for “Eligible”

1. Qualified

Example: Only applicants who meet the required criteria are qualified for consideration.

2. Entitled

Example: As a member of this program, you’re entitled to certain benefits and privileges.

3. Fit

Example: The candidate’s skills and experience make them a fit for the position.

4. Appropriate

Example: These funds are designated for appropriate recipients who meet the specified conditions.

5. Suitable

Example: The scholarship is only available to students who demonstrate suitable academic achievements.

Informal Alternatives for “Eligible”

1. Allowed

Example: Everyone is allowed to participate in the event if they meet the age requirement.

2. In the running

Example: With your excellent qualifications, you’re definitely in the running for the job.

3. In line for

Example: After completing the necessary paperwork, you’ll be in line for the promotion.

4. Cleared

Example: Once your background check is cleared, you’ll be eligible to start working.

5. Free to

Example: Students who’ve paid their tuition fees are free to attend the sports gala.

Tips for Synonyms:

1. Context is crucial: Choose an alternative based on the context you’re using it in. The word or phrase should align with the formality or informality of your message.

2. Consider connotations: Different synonyms can have slight variations in meaning or connotations. Make sure to use a term that accurately conveys the intended message.

3. Proofread: After choosing a synonym, read your sentence or statement aloud to ensure it flows smoothly and sounds natural.


Having a variety of words and phrases to express the concept of eligibility can enhance your writing and conversation skills. Now you can confidently swap out “eligible” with alternatives such as qualified, entitled, fit, allowed, in the running, or cleared, depending on the formality and context of your message. Remember, choosing the right synonym can improve clarity, engage your audience, and add color to your language.

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