How to Say “Drink Wine” in Spanish: Formal and Informal Ways

If you want to ask someone to drink wine in Spanish, it’s important to know the appropriate ways to do so in different situations. Whether you’re in a formal setting or among friends, this guide will provide you with various expressions and examples to communicate effectively. We’ll explore both the formal and informal ways to say “drink wine” in Spanish, ensuring that you have the right phrase for any occasion.

Formal Ways to Say “Drink Wine” in Spanish

1. “Por favor, tome vino”

When addressing someone formally, such as a customer, a colleague, or an elder, it’s polite to use the phrase “Por favor, tome vino” when asking them to drink wine. This expression is a formal command and shows respect towards the person you are speaking to.

Example: Por favor, tome vino con su comida. (Please drink wine with your meal.)

2. “¿Gustaría beber vino?”

Another formal way to ask someone if they would like to drink wine is by using the phrase “¿Gustaría beber vino?”. This expression is more suggestive and leaves room for the person to decide whether they want to drink wine or not.

Example: ¿Gustaría beber vino esta noche? (Would you like to drink wine tonight?)

3. “¿Le apetece tomar vino?”

If you’re in a formal setting and want to offer someone wine, you can use the phrase “¿Le apetece tomar vino?”. This expression is polite, emphasizing the other person’s desire and allowing them to make the decision.

Example: ¿Le apetece tomar vino blanco o tinto? (Do you feel like having white or red wine?)

Informal Ways to Say “Drink Wine” in Spanish

1. “¡Toma vino!”

When you’re in an informal setting, such as with friends or family, you can use the simple phrase “¡Toma vino!” to invite someone to drink wine. This expression is friendly and encourages them to enjoy a glass of wine with you.

Example: ¡Toma vino y disfrutemos de la cena! (Drink wine and let’s enjoy dinner!)

2. “¿Quieres beber vino?”

If you want to ask someone informally if they want to drink wine, you can use the phrase “¿Quieres beber vino?”. This expression is casual and straightforward, perfect for use with friends or peers.

Example: ¿Quieres beber vino o prefieres cerveza? (Do you want to drink wine or do you prefer beer?)

3. “Vamos a tomar vino”

When you’re suggesting a group activity, such as going out for drinks, you can use the phrase “Vamos a tomar vino” to propose drinking wine together. This expression is informal and inviting, perfect among friends.

Example: Vamos a tomar vino y celebrar tu cumpleaños. (Let’s drink wine and celebrate your birthday.)

Regional Variations

In general, the phrases mentioned above can be used in Spanish-speaking countries worldwide. However, it’s important to note that there may be regional variations in certain countries or regions. For example, in some parts of Latin America, the verb “tomar” is replaced with “beber” when referring to drinking, including wine.

Additionally, some countries may have their own unique expressions or slang for “drink wine”. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local customs and dialect when visiting or interacting with people from specific regions.


Now you have a variety of phrases to use when asking someone to drink wine in Spanish, whether in a formal or informal setting. Remember to adjust your language and tone based on the level of formality required, and be aware of any regional variations that may exist. Enjoy practicing these phrases, and salud!

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