How to Say Drink in Polish

If you are planning to visit Poland or have Polish friends, it’s always useful to know how to say common words and phrases in Polish. One such important word is “drink.” In this guide, we will explore how to say “drink” in Polish, both in formal and informal ways. We will also touch upon any regional variations, if necessary, and provide you with valuable tips and examples along the way.

Formal Ways to Say Drink

When you need to use the word “drink” in a formal context, such as addressing someone in a professional setting or speaking to an elder or authority figure, you can use the following phrases:

– “Napój” – This is the most common formal way to say “drink” in Polish. It can be used in various contexts and covers a wide range of beverages, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. For example, you could say “Czy chcesz jakis napój?” which translates to “Would you like a drink?” when offering someone a beverage.

You can also use more specific formal phrases to refer to a beverage in a formal setting. Here are a few examples:

  • “Kawa” – This means “coffee.” For instance, you could say “Proszę jedną filiżankę kawy” meaning “Please, one cup of coffee.”
  • “Herbata” – This is the word for “tea.” You might say “Poproszę herbatę z cytryną” which means “I would like tea with lemon.”
  • “Woda” – This simply means “water.” For example, you can say “Czy mogę dostać szklankę wody?” when asking for a glass of water.

Informal Ways to Say Drink

In casual or informal situations, especially when speaking to friends, peers, or family members, you may want to use more relaxed vocabulary to refer to drinks. Here are some common informal ways to say “drink” in Polish:

– “Picie” – This is a broad and informal term for “drink” in Polish. It can be used in various situations, and it covers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. For example, you could say “Idziemy na piwo?” which means “Shall we go for a beer?” when inviting a friend for a drink.

Here are a few more examples of informal phrases commonly used for specific drinks in Polish:

  • “Piwo” – This means “beer.” For instance, you might say “Daj mi jedno piwo” which translates to “Give me one beer.”
  • “Koktajl” – This is the word for “cocktail.” For example, you could say “Jaki koktajl polecasz?” which means “What cocktail do you recommend?”
  • “Sok” – This is the word for “juice.” You might say “Lubię sok pomarańczowy” meaning “I like orange juice.”

Regional Variations

Poland is a diverse country with regional dialects and variations in vocabulary. In some regions, you might come across different words or pronunciations for “drink.” However, the previously mentioned formal and informal terms are widely understood across Poland. Keep in mind that regional variations may exist, but they are not necessary to know for everyday communication.

Tips for Pronunciation

Pronunciation is an essential aspect of learning any language. Here are a few tips to help you pronounce the Polish word for “drink” correctly:

  1. Make sure to pronounce the Polish letter “ł” as a soft “w” sound. For example, “Napój” is pronounced as “Na-poy” with the “ł” making a “w” sound.
  2. Pay attention to the accent on each word. Polish is a heavily accented language, and stress is often placed on different syllables compared to English.
  3. Practice listening to native Polish speakers or using language learning apps to improve your pronunciation.


In conclusion, knowing how to say “drink” in Polish is a crucial skill when interacting with Polish speakers or traveling to Poland. In formal contexts, “napój” is the most common formal term, while “picie” is used in informal settings. Regional variations exist, but they are not necessary for everyday communication. Remember to pay attention to pronunciation and practice to improve your language skills. Now you are ready to confidently order your favorite beverage in Polish!

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