Guide on How to Say Denarau

Have you ever come across the word Denarau and wondered how it is pronounced? Whether you’re planning a trip to this beautiful Fijian island or simply want to expand your linguistic skills, learning how to say Denarau correctly is essential. In this guide, we will cover both the formal and informal ways to pronounce Denarau, along with some useful tips and examples. So let’s dive in!

Formal Pronunciation of Denarau

When it comes to formal pronunciation, Denarau is typically pronounced as “den-ah-rah-oo”. Let’s break it down:

  • Den: Pronounced like “den” as in a lion’s den.
  • Ah: Pronounced as a short “ah” sound, similar to the “a” in “father”.
  • Rah: Pronounced like “rah”, with a soft “r” and a short “ah” sound.
  • Oo: Pronounced as “oo” like in “zoo” or “do”.

Putting it all together, the formal pronunciation is “den-ah-rah-oo”. Remember to enunciate each syllable clearly for accurate pronunciation.

Informal Pronunciation of Denarau

In informal settings, locals in Fiji might pronounce Denarau as “den-rah-oo”. The main difference lies in the omission of the “ah” sound between “den” and “rah”. Here’s how to pronounce it informally:

  • Den: Pronounced like “den” as in a lion’s den.
  • Rah: Pronounced like “rah”, with a soft “r” and a short “ah” sound.
  • Oo: Pronounced as “oo” like in “zoo” or “do”.

When using the informal pronunciation, be aware that it may not adhere to the official pronunciation, but it is commonly used among locals and is often easier for non-native speakers to pronounce.

Examples and Tips

Here are some examples and additional tips to help you perfect the pronunciation of Denarau:

The Denarau Island Resort offers breathtaking views of the ocean.

In this example, the word “Denarau” is pronounced according to the formal pronunciation guide – “den-ah-rah-oo”.

Let’s meet at Denarau Marina around 5 pm for a sunset cruise.

In this context, where Denarau refers to the marina, you may hear the informal pronunciation – “den-rah-oo”.

Remember these tips to improve your pronunciation:

  • Practice saying Denarau aloud to familiarize yourself with the sound.
  • Break the word down into its syllables: den-ah-rah-oo.
  • Listen to native speakers pronouncing Denarau, if possible.
  • Record yourself saying Denarau and compare it to the correct pronunciation.


Mastering the pronunciation of “Denarau” is a valuable skill whether you plan to visit the island or simply want to expand your language proficiency. Remember that the formal pronunciation is “den-ah-rah-oo”, while the informal pronunciation is “den-rah-oo”. Practice, listen, and compare to ensure you’re pronouncing it correctly. Now, you can confidently say Denarau in any conversation and impress those around you!

Written by Linda Alexis

Hi! I'm Linda, an endlessly curious linguist with a knack for helping people master the nuances of language usage. I've written comprehensive language guides on an array of topics, and I love exploring diverse dialects and vernacular. Beyond my passion for words, I enjoy mosaic art, unraveling the mysteries of astrology, and embarking on globetrotting adventures to places like Kyrgyzstan and Tibetan Plateau. When I'm not penning guides or learning new phrases, you might find me perfecting my sign language or tactfully navigating tricky topics like period talk. Happy learning!

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