Guide: How to Say Delicious in Croatian – Formal and Informal Ways

Croatia is a beautiful country known for its rich gastronomic traditions and delicious cuisine. Whether you want to praise a meal or a specific dish, knowing how to say “delicious” in Croatian will come in handy. In this guide, we will explore both formal and informal ways to express this sentiment, with examples and useful tips. Croatian, the official language of Croatia, has various regional dialects. However, for simplicity, we will focus on the standard Croatian language, which is understood and spoken throughout the country. Please keep in mind that culinary preferences are subjective, and the way you express your appreciation for food can vary depending on the context and relationship with the person you’re speaking to. Let’s delve into the formal and informal expressions for “delicious” in Croatian.

Formal Ways to Say Delicious in Croatian

When you need to express your appreciation for a flavorful meal or dish in a formal setting, it’s essential to use polite and respectful language. Here are some phrases you can use:

1. “Ukusno” (pronounced oo-KOOS-no)

This is the most common word to describe something as delicious in formal Croatian. It can be used in various contexts, from complimenting a meal prepared by a professional chef to praising the cooking skills of a host at a formal gathering. For example:

“Hvala Vam, jelo je iznimno ukusno.” (Thank you, the meal is exceptionally delicious.)

Note that “Hvala Vam” is a polite way to say “Thank you” in Croatian, showing respect and gratitude towards the person responsible for the delicious meal.

2. “Savršeno” (pronounced sah-VRSH-no)

If you want to emphasize that the dish is not only delicious but also perfect or flawless, “savršeno” is the word to use. It portrays the highest level of satisfaction and can be employed in more formal settings or to commend a chef’s skills. For instance:

“Ovo jelo je savršeno pripremljeno.” (This dish is perfectly prepared.)

The phrase above not only praises the deliciousness of the dish but also recognizes the effort devoted to its preparation. It is sure to leave an excellent impression on anyone who prepared the meal for you.

Informal Ways to Say Delicious in Croatian

In relaxed or informal settings, you can use less formal language and phrases to express your delight in a meal. Here are a few common colloquial phrases to use:

1. “Fino” (pronounced FEE-no)

This word is commonly used in conversations with friends, family, or informal gatherings. It’s a versatile term and can be used to express that something tastes good, enjoyable, or delicious. For example:

“Ova torta je baš fino!” (This cake is really delicious!)

“Baš” is an optional word in the sentence, but when used, it adds emphasis to the level of deliciousness.

2. “Uživancija” (pronounced oo-ZHEE-van-tsee-ya)

This phrase is used to express pure enjoyment of a meal or dish. It goes beyond just describing the high quality and taste; it conveys a sense of delight and indulgence. Here’s an example:

“Ovo jelo je prava uživancija!” (This dish is an absolute delight!)

By using “uživancija,” you’re conveying that the dish brought you tremendous enjoyment and that it was a treat for your senses.

Regional Variations

As mentioned earlier, Croatian has regional dialects that may have their own unique words for describing delicious food. While the standard Croatian phrases covered in this guide will be well understood throughout the country, it’s always fun to explore regional variations. Here are a couple of examples of regional variations for “delicious” in Croatian:

1. Dalmatian Coast – “Lipo” (pronounced LEE-po)

This word is commonly used in the Dalmatian region when referring to delicious food. It’s equivalent to “fino” in standard Croatian.

2. Istrian Peninsula – “Bon” or “Bona” (pronounced bon)

In the Istrian region, it’s common to use the word “bon” or “bona” to express deliciousness, similar to how “fino” is used in standard Croatian.

These regional variations add color and cultural richness to the language, but they are not necessary for everyday conversations. By using the standard Croatian phrases covered earlier, you will be perfectly understood, regardless of the region you’re in.


Expressing your appreciation for delicious food is a wonderful way to connect with Croatian culture and show respect to those who prepare meals for you. Whether you’re in a formal or informal setting, understanding how to say “delicious” in Croatian will enhance your culinary experiences. To summarize, in formal settings, use “ukusno” to complement the taste, and “savršeno” to emphasize perfection. For informal conversations, go with “fino” to express that something tastes good, and “uživancija” to convey sheer enjoyment. Remember, these phrases are just a starting point. Don’t hesitate to explore the rich culinary vocabulary of Croatia further and allow your taste buds to guide you through the delectable world of Croatian cuisine.

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