How to Say “Cupid” in Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you interested in learning how to say “Cupid” in Spanish? Whether you’re planning to impress your Spanish-speaking partner, teach a Spanish class, or simply satisfy your curiosity, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the various ways of expressing this enchanting word in both formal and informal contexts. We will also touch on regional variations when necessary, providing you with numerous tips and examples along the way.

Formal Ways to Say “Cupid” in Spanish

When it comes to formal situations, it’s essential to use proper and respectful language. Here are two formal terms you can use to refer to “Cupid” in Spanish:

  1. Amoroso: This formal translation of “Cupid” is derived from the Spanish word “amor,” meaning love. It is a suitable choice for more serious or academic discussions.
  2. Eros: Borrowed from Greek mythology, “Eros” is the Greek counterpart of Cupid. It is widely recognized in Spanish and can be used in formal contexts, especially within artistic or literary circles.

Informal Ways to Say “Cupid” in Spanish

If your aim is to engage in casual conversations or interact with friends, family, or peers in a relaxed setting, you might prefer using more informal terms for “Cupid” in Spanish. Here are a few options:

  1. El Cupido: This is the most direct translation for “Cupid” and can be used informally, just as the word “Cupid” is used casually in English conversation.
  2. El Amorcillo: Derived from the Spanish word “amor” (love) and the suffix “-cillo” (denoting smallness or affection), “El Amorcillo” is a charming and endearing way to refer to Cupid informally.
  3. El Flechador: Meaning “the archer” in English, “El Flechador” vividly describes Cupid’s role as a love archer. This term is often used humorously or in playful contexts.

Common Expressions Involving Cupid in Spanish

Now that we have covered the formal and informal translations of “Cupid” in Spanish, let’s explore some common expressions and sayings involving Cupid:

  1. Enamorarse a primera vista: Translating to “falling in love at first sight,” this expression is often associated with the effects of Cupid’s arrow.
  2. Estoy flechado/a por ti: This charming expression translates to “I’m struck by you.” It beautifully conveys the feeling of being captivated or smitten by someone, much like being struck by Cupid’s arrow.
  3. Tener una flecha clavada en el corazón: Literally meaning “to have an arrow stuck in the heart,” this phrase is used to express passionate and unrequited love, symbolized by Cupid’s mythical arrow.
  4. El amor es ciego: While not directly related to Cupid, this popular saying translates to “love is blind.” It suggests that love doesn’t discriminate and can arise unexpectedly, just as Cupid’s arrows can hit anyone.

Regional Variations

Spanish is spoken in numerous countries across the globe, and language variations are to be expected. While the terms mentioned previously are generally understood throughout the Spanish-speaking world, it’s important to note that regional variations may exist. Here are a few notable examples:

In Mexico, Cupid is often referred to as “El Niño del Amor,” meaning “the boy of love.” This endearing term adds a touch of regional charm to the concept of Cupid.


Congratulations! You have now learned several ways to say “Cupid” in Spanish, both formally and informally. You’ve also explored common expressions and regional variations related to this delightful word. Remember to choose the appropriate term based on the context and level of formality. With these linguistic tools, you’ll be able to convey the idea of Cupid and love in Spanish effectively. Enjoy spreading the magic of Cupid’s arrow in your Spanish conversations!

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