How to Say “Coffee with Milk” in Greek: A Complete Guide

If you’re a coffee lover and find yourself in Greece, it’s essential to know how to order your favorite caffeinated beverage. In this guide, we will explore how to say “coffee with milk” in Greek, covering both formal and informal ways. We’ll provide tips, examples, and even touch on regional variations. So, let’s dive into the world of Greek coffee lingo!

Formal Ways to Say “Coffee with Milk” in Greek

When it comes to formal situations, such as ordering in a fancy café or a restaurant, you will often hear the following phrases for “coffee with milk”:

1. καφές με γάλα (ka-fés me gá-la) – This is the most common and straightforward way to express “coffee with milk” in Greek. It is a universal phrase that will be easily understood throughout Greece.

The above phrase is widely recognized and preferred in formal scenarios. However, if you want to sound more polite or emphasize your request, you can use the following variations:

2. ένας καφές με γάλα, παρακαλώ (é-nas ka-fés me gá-la, pa-ra-ká-lo) – This phrase translates to “one coffee with milk, please.” Adding “παρακαλώ” (please) at the end adds a touch of politeness, making it an excellent choice when you want to be extra courteous.

3. Θα ήθελα έναν καφέ με γάλα (Tha íthela é-nan ka-fé me gá-la) – “I would like one coffee with milk” is another way to politely request your desired beverage. It’s a slightly longer form but conveys your preference and politeness effectively.

Informal Ways to Say “Coffee with Milk” in Greek

In more informal settings, such as local coffee houses or while chatting with friends, Greeks often use the following phrases for “coffee with milk”:

1. ένας καφές με γάλα (é-nas ka-fés me gá-la) – This is the same phrase as the formal version, but in an informal context, the pronunciation might differ slightly, with a more relaxed tone among friends.

2. ένα φραπέ με γάλα (é-na fra-pé me gá-la) – Greeks are devoted fans of frappé, a popular iced coffee beverage. If you prefer your frappé with milk, using this phrase will do the trick. Frappé with milk is a delightful twist on the classic and is highly recommended during hot summer months.

Tips and Examples

To help you become more confident in ordering “coffee with milk” in Greek, here are some additional tips and examples:

  • 1. Pronunciation: The Greek language has its unique pronunciation, so let’s break it down phonetically for you: “ka-fés me gá-la” or “é-nas ka-fés me gá-la” (formal), “é-na fra-pé me gá-la” (informal).
  • 2. Emphasize your preferences: Using phrases like “θα ήθελα” (I would like) or “έναν” (one) before “καφές με γάλα” adds emphasis to your request, ensuring that you get exactly what you want.
  • 3. Politeness goes a long way: Although Greeks are known for their warm hospitality, it is always appreciated when visitors show politeness. Adding “παρακαλώ” (please) or using longer phrases like “Θα ήθελα έναν καφέ με γάλα” can make a positive impression on the locals.


By now, you should feel confident enough to order your favorite “coffee with milk” in Greek. Whether you find yourself in a formal or informal setting, use the phrases mentioned earlier, and you’ll be sipping on the perfect cup of coffee. Remember to pronounce the words correctly and consider adding polite expressions to make your request more courteous.

Don’t be afraid to explore regional variations or experiment with different coffee types like frappé with milk. The Greek coffee culture is diverse and vibrant, offering a range of delightful experiences.

So go ahead, walk into that Greek café with confidence, and order your favorite “καφές με γάλα” or “έναν φραπέ με γάλα.” Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rich flavors of this beloved beverage, crafted with authentic Greek passion and hospitality.

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