How to Say “Bat” in Serbian: Formal and Informal Ways

Greetings! If you’re looking to learn how to say “bat” in Serbian, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explore both formal and informal ways to express this word in the Serbian language. We’ll also touch upon regional variations, although they are not prominent in this particular case. Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Serbian vocabulary!

1. How to Say “Bat” in Formal Serbian

In formal Serbian language, the word for “bat” is “šišmiš” (шшшсшмшшш).

Person A: Da li znate kako se zove mali noćni letač sa krilima koja su prekrivena kožnim membranama?
Person B: Naravno! Taj mali noćni letač sa krilima koja su prekrivena kožnim membranama se zove “šišmiš”.
Person A: Do you know the name of the small nocturnal flyer with wings covered in membranes?
Person B: Of course! That small nocturnal flyer with wings covered in membranes is called “šišmiš”.)

2. How to Say “Bat” in Informal Serbian

In informal Serbian language, people typically use a word derived from English – “betmen” (бетмени). This term, as you may have guessed, refers to the superhero “Batman” and became widely adopted among Serbian speakers.

Person A: Vidi kako sivi betmen leti sa drveća! Toliko je neobično videti tog čoveka-slepića kako slobodno krstari noćnim nebom.
Person B: Da, definitivno sivi betmen lako pronalazi put čak i u najtemnijem mraku.
Person A: Look at how the gray Batman is flying from the trees! It’s so unusual to see that batman-like man freely roaming the night sky.
Person B: Yes, the gray Batman definitely easily finds his way even in the darkest of nights.)

3. Tips and Regional Variations

Although the usage of “bat” in Serbian is not heavily influenced by regional variations, it’s worth mentioning that the above-mentioned formal and informal terms are commonly understood and used throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other Serbian-speaking regions. Therefore, whether you’re in Belgrade or Sarajevo, you can comfortably rely on the words “šišmiš” and “betmen.”

Here are a few bonus tips to help you further explore the topic:

  • When speaking about bats, it’s interesting to note that they are often associated with vampires in Serbian folklore. If you want to engage in a conversation about this mythical creature, you can mention the word “vampir” (вампир).
  • If you find bats fascinating and wish to expand your vocabulary, you can explore related terms such as “krila” (крила) for “wings” or “letenje” (летење) for “flying.”


Congratulations! You have now learned how to say “bat” in Serbian. By using the formal term “šišmiš” or the more informal “betmen,” you’ll be able to communicate confidently about these intriguing creatures. Remember, regional variations within the Serbian-speaking world are quite minimal for this particular word. Feel free to explore related vocabulary and impress your Serbian-speaking friends with your knowledge.

Happy learning and enjoy discovering more about the Serbian language and its rich cultural heritage!

Written by Hazel Hayley

Zdravo! Ja sam Hazel, tradicija i jezik često me odvedu do srpske kulture. U slobodno vreme, volim da istražujem jezike, i pišem vodiče kako bih podelila svoje znanje sa svetom. Sir i kajmak su mi omiljena hrana, a uveče često se opustim pored knjige. Volim da posmatram prirodu, s posebnim interesovanjem za medvede i slepomiše. Volim da putujem, posebno do Crne Gore. Kad ne prevodim, uživam u svojoj mački, hlebu i naravno, piva. Sve što hoćete da kažete, mogu vam pokazati kako to da izgovorite na srpskom! Radoznalost me pokreće.

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