How to Say August in Hindi: Formal and Informal Ways, Tips, and Examples

In Hindi, the month of August holds great significance as it marks the transition from the scorching summer to the pleasant monsoon season. Whether you are learning the Hindi language, planning a trip to an Indian state, or simply want to expand your linguistic horizons, it’s always helpful to know how to say the names of the months in Hindi. In this guide, we will explore the different ways to say “August” in Hindi, covering both formal and informal variations. Read on to discover various tips and examples that will make your Hindi learning journey even more exciting.

Formal Way to Say August in Hindi

When it comes to formal settings or occasions, it’s important to use the appropriate formal term for August in Hindi. The formal way to say August in Hindi is:

अगस्त (Agasth)

The term “अगस्त” (Agasth) is widely accepted and understood across all Hindi-speaking regions. It maintains a sense of formality and is commonly used in official documents, educational settings, businesses, and formal conversations.

Now, let’s explore the informal way to say August in Hindi.

Informal Way to Say August in Hindi

Informal conversations allow for a more casual and relaxed tone. In such settings, people often prefer to use a simplified and commonly used term for August in Hindi. The informal way to say August in Hindi is:

अगस्त (Agast)

The term “अगस्त” (Agast) is the commonly used informal version of August. It is used in everyday conversations among friends, family, and colleagues who share a comfortable and informal relationship. This term is also widely understood and used throughout India.

Tips and Examples

Tips for Pronouncing August in Hindi

When learning how to say August in Hindi, it’s essential to focus on pronouncing the word accurately. Here are some tips to help you pronounce “अगस्त” correctly:

  • अ (a) is pronounced as the ‘a’ in “car”.
  • ग (ga) is pronounced as a hard ‘g’, as in “game”.
  • स (sa) is pronounced as the ‘s’ in “sun”.
  • त (ta) is pronounced as the ‘t’ in “tap”.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to correctly pronounce “अगस्त” (Agasth) or “अगस्त” (Agast), depending on the formality of the context.

Contextual Examples

Now let’s look at some contextual examples of how to use August in Hindi:

  1. Formal Example: अच्छी खबर, दिव्या! हमारी मीटिंग अगस्त में होगी। (Good news, Divya! Our meeting will be in August.)
  2. Informal Example: क्या तुम देख रही हो, अमिताभ के बारे में?
    Friend: हाँ, उसका जन्मदिन अगस्त में है। (Are you watching about Amitabh?
    Friend: Yes, his birthday is in August.)

You can use these examples as a reference to engage in conversations about August in Hindi.

Hindi Language and Regional Variations

Hindi is an incredibly diverse language spoken in various regions throughout India. While the term “अगस्त” (Agasth) or “अगस्त” (Agast) is widely understood and accepted across all Hindi-speaking regions, there may be slight regional variations. These variations may include dialects, pronunciation, or regional terms for the month of August.

Although exploring regional variations is fascinating, it is beyond the scope of this guide, which primarily focuses on the commonly used formal and informal ways of saying August in Hindi. However, if you find yourself in a specific region, interacting with the locals, or wish to explore regional nuances of the Hindi language, feel free to inquire about their regional term for August.


Congratulations! You have now learned how to say August in Hindi. Remember, “अगस्त” (Agasth) is the formal term, while “अगस्त” (Agast) is the informal term. Utilize the pronunciation tips and contextual examples we’ve discussed to confidently incorporate August into your Hindi conversations. Whether you’re discussing upcoming events, planning meetings, or simply engaging in small talk, your knowledge of the Hindi term for August will undoubtedly impress and connect you with Hindi speakers all over India. Keep practicing and expanding your Hindi vocabulary for further language mastery!

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