How to Say “Are You Russian?” in Russian

Learning how to say “Are you Russian?” in Russian is a great way to start conversations and connect with Russian speakers. Whether you wish to impress your Russian friends or travel to Russia, knowing this phrase will be beneficial. In this guide, we will cover both the formal and informal ways of asking this question, as well as provide tips, examples, and regional variations if necessary.

Formal Ways to Ask “Are You Russian?”

If you are in a formal setting or speaking to someone you don’t know well, it’s important to use the correct form of address. Here’s how you can ask “Are you Russian?” formally in Russian:

  1. Вы русский? – Vy rooss-kee? (Are you Russian?)
  2. Вы русская? – Vy rooss-kaya? (Are you Russian? – feminine)

When using the formal address “вы,” you demonstrate respect and politeness towards the person you are addressing. Also, note that the second phrase is used if you are addressing a woman.

Informal Ways to Ask “Are You Russian?”

When you are speaking to friends, family, or in casual settings, you can use a more relaxed form of address. Here are the informal ways to ask “Are you Russian?” in Russian:

  1. Ты русский? – Ty rooss-kee? (Are you Russian?)
  2. Ты русская? – Ty rooss-kaya? (Are you Russian? – feminine)

By using the informal address “ты,” which is similar to the English “you,” you create a more familiar and friendly tone. Again, the second phrase is used when addressing a woman informally.

Tips and Examples

To enhance your understanding of how to say “Are you Russian?” in Russian, here are some helpful tips and examples:

Tip 1: Pronunciation

To ensure your pronunciation is accurate, follow these guidelines when pronouncing the Russian phrases:

The letter “ы” sounds like the “i” in “mitt.”

The letter “й” sounds like the “y” in “yes.”

The letter “я” sounds like the “ya” in “yard.”

Tip 2: Gender Agreement

In Russian, the adjective (русский/russkiy or русская/russkaya) changes depending on the gender of the person you are addressing. “Русский” is used for males, and “русская” is used for females.

Tip 3: Non-Binary Variation

If you wish to address someone who identifies as non-binary or prefer not to assume gender, you can use the neutral form “вы русски?” or “ты русски?” considering the adjective is left unchanged.

Example Sentences:

– Вы русский, если я не ошибаюсь? (Are you Russian, if I’m not mistaken?)

– Ты русская? Я тоже! (Are you Russian? Me too!)

– Вы русски, родом из Москвы? (Are you Russian, originally from Moscow?)

These examples highlight how you can use the phrases to engage in conversations or express commonalities with other Russian speakers.


In conclusion, knowing how to say “Are you Russian?” in Russian can open doors to cultural encounters and connections. Whether you want to engage formally or casually, you now have the tools to do so. Remember the tips, practice the pronunciation, and enjoy getting to know Russian speakers through this simple yet powerful phrase!

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