How to Say a Kind Reminder in French: Formal and Informal Ways

When communicating in French, it’s important to express yourself politely and considerately. If you’re looking to remind someone about something in a gentle manner, here are some phrases and tips to help you convey a kind reminder effectively. In this guide, we will cover both formal and informal ways to say a kind reminder in French. Please note that regional variations may exist, but we will focus on standard French for broader usage.

Formal Ways to Say a Kind Reminder

In formal situations, it’s crucial to use appropriate language and show respect. Use these phrases to politely remind someone of something:

“J’aimerais vous rappeler que…” (I would like to remind you that…)

“Permettez-moi de vous rappeler que…” (Allow me to remind you that…)

“Je vous prie de bien vouloir vous rappeler que…” (I kindly request you to remember that…)

When using formal expressions, it’s advisable to maintain a polite and respectful tone. Remember to use the appropriate formal pronouns, such as “vous” to address someone.

Informal Ways to Say a Kind Reminder

In more casual situations, you can use these informal phrases to remind someone about something in a kind and friendly way:

“N’oublie pas que…” (Don’t forget that…)

“Je voulais juste te rappeler que…” (I just wanted to remind you that…)

“Tu devrais penser à…” (You should remember to…)

When using these informal expressions, it’s important to match the appropriate informal pronouns, such as “tu” or “te,” depending on your relationship with the person you’re addressing.

Tips and Examples for Polite Reminders

Here are some additional tips and examples to help you craft polite reminders in French:

1. Use “s’il vous plaît” (please)

Adding “s’il vous plaît” at the end of your reminder can make it even more polite and considerate. For instance:

“N’oubliez pas de soumettre le rapport d’ici demain, s’il vous plaît.” (Please don’t forget to submit the report by tomorrow.)

2. Be polite, but direct

Avoid sounding too pushy or demanding, but be clear and direct in your reminder. For example:

“Rappelez-vous de prendre rendez-vous avant la fin de la semaine, s’il vous plaît.” (Please remember to schedule an appointment before the end of the week.)

3. Consider using “gentiment” (kindly)

Adding the adverb “gentiment” can further emphasize the kindness in your reminder. For instance:

“Gentiment, je te rappelle que nous avons une réunion prévue pour demain matin.” (Kindly, I remind you that we have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning.)

4. Include a reason or importance

When appropriate, provide a reason or emphasize the importance of the reminder to make it more effective. For example:

“Il est essentiel de terminer le projet aujourd’hui, car cela permettra de respecter les délais fixés.” (It is essential to finish the project today as it will help meet the established deadlines.)

5. Express gratitude

Show gratitude for their attention and cooperation. A simple “merci” (thank you) can go a long way in maintaining a warm tone. For instance:

“Merci de bien vouloir confirmer votre présence à l’événement avant la fin de la journée.” (Thank you for confirming your attendance at the event before the end of the day.)


Remember, when it comes to reminding someone about something in French, politeness is key. Use formal or informal expressions depending on the context, and consider incorporating phrases like “s’il vous plaît,” “gentiment,” and expressing gratitude. By following these tips and examples, you’ll be able to convey a kind reminder effectively in French, ensuring respectful and effective communication.

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