Guide: How to Showcase Winning an Award on Your Resume

When it comes to crafting an impressive resume, highlighting your accomplishments can greatly enhance your chances of landing an interview. One notable achievement to include is winning an award. Whether it’s a professional accolade or recognition from a prestigious organization, showcasing your achievements can leave a lasting impression on potential employers. In this guide, we will explore various ways to mention your award on a resume, both formally and informally. We will also provide tips, examples, and regional variations to help you effectively present your success.

Formal Mention of Winning an Award

Showcasing your award in a formal manner on your resume can demonstrate your professional accomplishments and dedication. Here are a few approaches:

1. Incorporate your award under the “Awards and Achievements” section

If you have a designated section for awards and achievements, simply list your award along with the year received:

Awards and Achievements:
– [Award Name], [Year Received]

2. Personalize your accomplishment in the role’s description

If the award is directly related to a specific job or project, mention it within the job description, highlighting the significance of the achievement:

[Job Title/Project]:
– Received [Award Name] for [specific achievement].

3. Create a separate section for major awards

If you have multiple awards or have received highly prestigious accolades, it can be effective to dedicate a separate section on your resume to showcase them:

Major Awards:
– [Award Name], [Year Received]
– [Award Name], [Year Received]

Informal Mention of Winning an Award

While a formal approach provides a clear and concise way to showcase your award, sometimes an informal mention can add a personal touch and engage the reader. Here are a few informal ways to mention winning an award on your resume:

1. Share the story behind the award

Incorporate a brief paragraph in your resume, highlighting the significance of the award and how it reflects your skills or expertise:

Awards and Achievements:
– [Award Name], [Year Received]
[Provide a concise paragraph detailing the significance and impact of the award.]

2. Include a testimonial related to the award

If possible, obtain a testimonial from a respected individual or organization associated with the award and include it on your resume:

Awards and Achievements:
– [Award Name], [Year Received]
[Testimonial Quote: “The recipient of [Award Name] possesses exceptional skills in [relevant area].”]

3. Showcase the award through relevant accomplishments

Instead of directly mentioning the award, highlight the accomplishments or results that led to winning the award:

[Job Title/Project]:
– Achieved [specific accomplishment/result] leading to receiving [Award Name].

Tips for Effectively Showcasing Your Award

  • Quantify the impact: Whenever possible, include numbers or figures to showcase the significance of your achievement.
  • Keep it concise: Be brief and to the point when mentioning your award to ensure the reader’s attention is captured.
  • Align with job requirements: Emphasize awards that are relevant to the role you are applying for to demonstrate your suitability and skills.
  • Show consistency: If you have received multiple awards from the same or similar organizations, it can indicate a consistent track record of excellence.
  • Update regularly: If you win new awards after updating your resume, remember to keep it updated to reflect your latest accomplishments.

Regional Variations

While the approach to mentioning awards on a resume may be quite similar across regions, there are a few small variations to keep in mind:

  • United States: Use a concise bullet-point format, focusing on specific achievements and quantifiable impact.
  • United Kingdom: Consider using a narrative style to explain the significance and impact of the award, while maintaining a professional tone.
  • Australia: Utilize a combination of bullet points and concise paragraphs to showcase both achievements and the context surrounding the award.

Examples of Winning an Award on a Resume

To further illustrate how to mention an award on a resume, here are a few examples:

Example 1: Formal Mention

Awards and Achievements:
– Digital Marketing Excellence Award, 2018

Example 2: Personalized Approach

Marketing Coordinator:
– Received Excellence in Social Media Marketing Award for developing and implementing a successful social media campaign resulting in a 30% increase in online engagement.

Example 3: Separate Section for Major Awards

Major Awards:
– Salesperson of the Year, 2019
– Leadership Excellence Award, 2020

Example 4: Informal Mention – Sharing the Story

Awards and Achievements:
– Volunteer of the Year, 2017
As the Volunteer of the Year, I dedicated over 200 hours to supporting local communities and witnessed the positive impact of our work firsthand.

Example 5: Informal Mention – Testimonial Quote

Awards and Achievements:
– Customer Service Excellence Award, 2019
“The recipient of the Customer Service Excellence Award consistently goes above and beyond, leaving customers satisfied and driving positive feedback.” – Customer Satisfaction Survey

Example 6: Informal Mention – Relevant Accomplishments

Project Manager:
– Successfully completed a complex project on time and within budget, resulting in the team receiving the Project Excellence Award.

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