How to Say “Yes, Beautiful” in Spanish: Formal and Informal Ways

Saying “yes, beautiful” in Spanish can be a lovely and endearing way to acknowledge someone’s beauty or compliment them. Spanish, like any other language, has various ways to express this phrase depending on the level of formality and regional variations. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the formal and informal ways to say “yes, beautiful” in Spanish and provide you with tips, examples, and additional phrases to enhance your Spanish language skills.

Formal Ways to Say “Yes, Beautiful” in Spanish

When addressing someone formally or in a professional setting, it is essential to use respectful language. Here are a few formal ways to say “yes, beautiful” in Spanish:

“Sí, bonita.”

This simple phrase translates directly to “yes, beautiful” and can be used in formal contexts to acknowledge someone’s beauty. Remember to maintain a polite tone and use the appropriate level of formality based on the situation.

If you want to express yourself with a bit more elegance, you can use the following phrase:

“Sí, hermosa.”

“Hermosa” is a more refined term for “beautiful” and is ideal for formal situations where you want to express admiration or respect for someone’s beauty.

It’s important to note that Spanish allows for gender specificity, so you can modify these phrases based on the gender of the person you are addressing. For example:

“Sí, bonito” (to a man)

“Sí, hermoso” (to a man)

By adapting the adjective to match the gender of the person, you show respect and attentiveness to details.


If someone asks you, “¿Soy bonita?” (Am I beautiful?), a formal way to respond would be:

“Sí, usted es muy bonita. Su belleza es admirable.” (Yes, you are very beautiful. Your beauty is admirable.)

Informal Ways to Say “Yes, Beautiful” in Spanish

When speaking in a casual or informal setting, such as among friends or family, you can use more relaxed and colloquial language to say “yes, beautiful.” Here are a few options:

“Sí, linda.”

“Linda” is a common term used in informal settings to express that someone or something is beautiful. It carries a sense of charm and simplicity.

“Sí, guapa.”

The word “guapa” is frequently used in Latin American countries and Spain to convey attractiveness in an informal manner. It is the equivalent of saying “pretty” or “gorgeous.”


If a friend asks you, “¿Soy linda?” (Am I beautiful?), an informal way to respond would be:

“¡Claro que sí! ¡Eres súper linda!” (Of course! You’re super beautiful!)

Additional Tips and Phrases

While it’s essential to know specific phrases to say “yes, beautiful” in Spanish, expanding your vocabulary and expressing yourself in different ways can make your conversations more engaging. Here are a few additional tips and phrases to enrich your Spanish language skills:

1. Complimenting Someone’s Appearance:

When complimenting someone’s appearance, you can use phrases such as:

  • “Te ves (muy) bien” – You look (very) good
  • “Estás hermoso/a” – You look beautiful/handsome
  • “Tienes una belleza única” – You have a unique beauty
  • “Eres guapo/a” – You’re attractive

2. Emphasizing Beauty:

If you want to emphasize someone’s beauty further, you can use the following phrases:

  • “Eres radiante” – You are radiant
  • “Tienes una belleza deslumbrante” – You have a dazzling beauty
  • “Tu belleza no tiene comparación” – Your beauty is unparalleled

3. Regional Variations:

Spanish is spoken across various countries, and each region may have its own unique expressions and terms of endearment. While it’s beyond the scope of this guide to cover all regional variations, it’s worth mentioning that words like “bella,” “hermosa,” “linda,” and “guapa” are widely understood and appreciated throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

4. Body Positivity:

Avoid reinforcing harmful beauty standards and prioritize body positivity. Instead of focusing solely on physical appearance, you can complement other aspects of a person, such as their personality, intelligence, or inner beauty. For example:

  • “Tienes una personalidad hermosa” – You have a beautiful personality
  • “Eres inteligente y bella” – You are intelligent and beautiful
  • “Tu valentía y amabilidad te hacen especial” – Your bravery and kindness make you special


Saying “yes, beautiful” in Spanish can be a delightful way to acknowledge someone’s beauty or compliment them. This guide has provided you with formal and informal phrases to express this sentiment, along with additional tips and examples to enhance your Spanish language skills. Remember to consider the level of formality and gender specificity when using these phrases, and feel free to explore other ways to express admiration and compliment someone’s beauty. ¡Buena suerte (good luck) as you continue your Spanish language journey!

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