Guide: How to Say “Twice per Week” – Formal and Informal Ways

Greetings! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various ways to express the frequency of “twice per week” in both formal and informal contexts. Whether you’re learning a new language, writing a letter, or simply engaging in a conversation, being familiar with these phrases will help you express yourself clearly and effectively. So let’s dive in!

Formal Expressions:

If you’re looking for formal ways to say “twice per week,” here are some useful phrases to consider:

1. Biweekly

The most straightforward and commonly used formal expression for “twice per week” is “biweekly.” This term is widely recognized and understood in English-speaking regions and is commonly used in professional contexts. For example:

Employee: We should schedule the team meetings biweekly to ensure regular updates.
Manager: That’s a productive suggestion. Let’s meet twice per week then.

2. Semi-weekly

Another formal phrase synonymous with “twice per week” is “semi-weekly.” It is primarily used in academic or administrative settings and can be suitable for expressing regular occurrences. For instance:

Professor: Attendance is mandatory for the semi-weekly lab sessions.
Students: We understand. We will make sure to attend both sessions each week.

3. Two times a week

If you prefer a more explicit and lengthier expression, you can use “two times a week” in a formal conversation or in written communication. Although slightly more verbose, it leaves no room for ambiguity. Let’s explore an example:

Health Advisor: It’s important to exercise two times a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Individual: Thank you for the advice. I will incorporate that into my schedule.

Informal Expressions:

Now let’s explore some informal ways to say “twice per week.” These expressions are best suited for casual conversations, friendly interactions, or informal writing:

1. Twice a week

The most straightforward option in informal contexts is to simply say “twice a week.” This phrase is commonly used among friends, family, and coworkers. Here’s an example:

Friend: We should catch up for coffee. How often can you meet?
You: I can meet twice a week. How about Tuesday and Thursday?

2. Two times per week

Similar to the formal expression, “two times per week” can be used in an informal context as well. However, be aware that it may sound slightly more formal compared to “twice a week.” Here’s a casual conversation example:

Colleague: Do you want to join me for yoga classes?
You: Sure! I can commit to attending two times per week. Let’s plan it together.

3. Two days a week

While not an exact match, in informal conversations, using “two days a week” can effectively convey the frequency of “twice per week.” This can often be an informal and straightforward way to express your availability. Take a look at this example:

Family Member: We should go swimming together more often.
You: Definitely! I’m available for swimming sessions two days a week. Let’s make it a routine!

Regional Variations:

When it comes to regional variations, it’s important to note that expressions for “twice per week” may vary slightly based on cultural and linguistic differences. While we have covered the most common phrases, I’ll briefly touch on a couple of regional variations for added context:

1. British English: Fortnightly

In British English, the term “fortnightly” is commonly used, especially in the context of recurring events happening every two weeks. However, do be cautious when using this term outside of Britain, as it may not be as widely understood.

2. Latin America: Dos veces por semana

Spanish speakers in Latin America typically say “dos veces por semana” to express “twice per week.” This phrase is widely understood throughout the region and can be used in formal and informal settings alike.

I hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights on how to express “twice per week” in both formal and informal contexts. Remember to choose the appropriate expression based on the situation and audience. Practicing these phrases will help you communicate effectively and confidently. Now go ahead and incorporate these expressions into your conversations with ease!

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Written by Ross Johnny

Hi there! I'm Ross, your go-to guide when it comes to perfecting pronunciation and expanding your vernacular. I have a knack for linguistics and have dabbled in numerous languages from Svenska to Tahitian. I enjoy breaking down not just words, but phrases and cultural nuances as well. Outside of my language fascination, I hold a deep appreciation for reconnecting with long-lost friends and making memorable engagement wishes. You'll often catch me reading a good book or exploring nature to recharge my batteries. But mostly, I am passionate about helping you master new languages and expressions. Let's learn together!

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