How to Say Tennis Racket in French

Are you passionate about tennis and looking to improve your French vocabulary? Learning the proper translation of “tennis racket” in French will undoubtedly enhance your language skills. Whether you’re engaging in a formal conversation or casually discussing your game with friends, having the right vocabulary is essential. In this guide, we will explore both formal and informal ways to say “tennis racket” in French and provide you with tips, examples, and regional variations where necessary.

Formal Translation: Raquette de Tennis

In formal French, the translation of “tennis racket” is “raquette de tennis.” The key here is to pronounce it correctly to ensure effective communication. The word “raquette” is pronounced as [rah-ket] and “tennis” is pronounced as [ten-ees]. Together, it would sound like [rah-ket deh ten-ees] with a slight nasalization at the end.


  • To emphasize that you are specifically talking about a tennis racket, make sure to include “de tennis” in your sentence.
  • Pronounce the “t” in “tennis,” but remember to maintain a soft “t” sound, as it is customary in French.
  • Pay attention to nasalization when pronouncing the word “raquette.”


“Je dois acheter une nouvelle raquette de tennis.”

(I need to buy a new tennis racket.)

“Où est-ce que je peux trouver une raquette de tennis de qualité?”

(Where can I find a high-quality tennis racket?)

Informal Ways to Say Tennis Racket

If you’re playing tennis with friends or engaging in a casual conversation, you might want to use more informal terms. Here are a few alternatives to “raquette de tennis” in non-formal settings:

1. Raquette

In informal situations, you can simply use the word “raquette.” By dropping the “de tennis” part, you’re still effectively referring to a tennis racket, but in a more relaxed manner. Pronounced as [rah-ket], “raquette” is widely understood among French-speaking tennis enthusiasts.

2. Babolat

It’s worth noting that “Babolat” is a popular brand of tennis rackets, often associated with the sport. For many tennis players, especially those familiar with the brand, using “Babolat” to refer to a tennis racket in a casual setting is quite common.

3. Raquette de Tennis de Table

In some cases, the term “raquette de tennis de table” might be used for both table tennis and tennis rackets in an informal context. While this primarily refers to table tennis, it can occasionally be used to discuss tennis rackets when the distinction is not clear from the context. Keep in mind that this term might lead to confusion, so it’s advisable to use it cautiously.


  • When using “raquette” informally, the context of the conversation will often make it clear that you’re referring to a tennis racket.
  • If you’re playing tennis with friends who are familiar with the Babolat brand, feel free to use “Babolat” to reference a tennis racket.


“J’ai besoin d’une nouvelle raquette pour améliorer mon jeu.”

(I need a new racket to improve my game.)

“Tu utilises ta Babolat pour ce match?”

(Are you using your Babolat for this match?)

Regional Variations

While French is spoken across multiple regions, the variations in terms of tennis racket are minimal. The previously mentioned translations, both formal and informal, are widely used and understood throughout the French-speaking world. Whether you’re in France, Canada, Belgium, or any other French-speaking country, these terms should be perfectly suitable.

In Conclusion

Becoming familiar with the French vocabulary for “tennis racket” is valuable for any tennis enthusiast aiming to improve their French language skills. By understanding the formal translation, “raquette de tennis,” and the informal alternatives, such as “raquette,” “Babolat,” and occasionally “raquette de tennis de table,” you’re well-equipped to communicate effectively in both formal and casual settings. Remember to pay attention to pronunciation, maintain a warm tone, and enjoy mastering the French language with your newfound tennis vocabulary!

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