How to Say Television in Arabic: A Comprehensive Guide

Arabic is a rich language with various dialects spoken across different regions. In this guide, we will explore how to say “television” in Arabic, including formal and informal ways. We will also touch upon regional variations whenever necessary. So, let’s dive in and discover the different terms for television in Arabic!

Formal Ways to Say Television

When speaking formally or in standard Arabic, the word for television is “التلفاز” (pronounced: at-te-leviz). This term is widely understood and used throughout the Arab world. Regardless of the region, this formal term is the most appropriate choice when addressing a general audience or in professional settings.

Informal Ways to Say Television

Informal usage of the word “television” in Arabic often relies on borrowed terms or slang. Here are a few popular informal ways to refer to television:

  • التلفيزيون – Pronounced as “at-tele-veezyon,” this term is an informal variation of the formal word. It is commonly used in casual conversations across the Arab world.
  • التيليفاز – Pronounced as “at-tee-li-faz,” this word is derived from the English word “TV” and is commonly used in various informal conversations.

Regional Variations

While the above terms are widely understood across the Arab world, it’s essential to note that regional variations exist. Here are a few examples:

Egyptian Arabic:

In Egyptian Arabic, the term “تلفزيون” (pronounced: telefizyon) is commonly used. Egyptians might also use the term “تى فى” (pronounced: tay-vee), derived from the English abbreviation “TV”.

Levantine Arabic:

In Levantine Arabic, the term “تلفزيون” (pronounced: televezyon) is widely used.

Tip: When conversing with native Arabic speakers, it’s valuable to learn the specific regional terminology to establish a deeper connection. However, if you are unsure about the regional variations, sticking to the formal term “التلفاز” (at-te-leviz) will serve you well in most situations.


Now, let’s take a look at some example sentences using the formal and informal terms:

  • أحب مشاهدة التلفاز في العطلة. (I love watching television during the holidays.)
  • ماذا تشاهد على التلفيزيون هذه الليلة؟ (What are you watching on TV tonight?)
  • أنا أشاهد التيليفاز منذ ساعة. (I have been watching TV for an hour.)

Based on the provided examples, you can see the various ways to incorporate the formal and informal terms for television in Arabic.


In conclusion, when it comes to saying “television” in Arabic, the most widely understood and formal term is “التلفاز” (at-te-leviz). However, there are also informal variations such as “التلفيزيون” (at-tele-veezyon) and “التيليفاز” (at-tee-li-faz) that are commonly used across different contexts and regions.

Remember, if you’re conversing with native Arabic speakers, adapting to regional variations can enhance your connection. Nonetheless, choosing the formal term “التلفاز” will ensure clarity and understanding in most situations.

We hope this guide has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of how to say “television” in Arabic, with both formal and informal options. Happy conversing and enjoy your TV watching experience in Arabic!

Written by Lee Callum

Marhaba! I'm Lee, a language enthusiast with an overwhelming love for Arabic. From teaching you how to say "activist" in Arabic to informal dialect, decoding the language through my extensive posts gives me great joy. Away from the euphoria of languages, you'll find me luxuriating in culinary adventures – because, who could resist delicious food? And in the whispers of the evening, I find writing about expressions of everyday emotions like "I feel sad" enlivening. With every new "Marhaba" and "Shukran", my passion for Arabic grows, enveloping the charm of Egypt to the rhythmic waves of Jordanian dialect. Let's explore!

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