How to Say “Still Working” in French: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you’re traveling to a French-speaking country or simply trying to expand your language skills, knowing how to express the concept of “still working” in French can come in handy in various situations. In this guide, we will explore formal and informal ways to convey this idea, providing you with plenty of tips and examples along the way. Let’s get started!

Formal Ways to Say “Still Working” in French

When it comes to formal contexts, such as professional settings or official correspondence, it’s important to use appropriate and polished language. Here are a few ways to express “still working” formally in French:

  1. Je suis toujours au travail. – This translation of “still working” directly conveys the idea in a formal manner. It is a clear and straightforward phrase suitable for any formal situation.
  2. Je continue de travailler. – This phrase, meaning “I continue to work,” also carries the sense of ongoing work in a professional context.
  3. Je suis encore en plein travail. – This expression implies being “fully immersed in work” and effectively conveys the idea of still working in a formal tone.

Informal Ways to Say “Still Working” in French

In more casual or everyday conversations, French speakers often use different expressions to convey the same idea. Let’s explore some informal ways to say “still working” in French:

  1. Je suis toujours en train de bosser. – This phrase uses the slang term “bosser” for “working” and adds the expression “en train de,” which means “in the process of.” It is a commonly used informal expression.
  2. Je suis encore à la tâche. – Literally translating to “I’m still at the task,” this phrase is frequently used in informal conversations when referring to ongoing work.
  3. Je ne suis pas encore fini(e). – This expression, meaning “I’m not finished yet,” is often used playfully or informally when referring to ongoing work or tasks.

Regional Variations

French is a rich language with regional variations that add color and diversity to its expressions. While there are no specific regional variations for the phrase “still working,” certain idiomatic expressions might be more common in certain areas. For example:

Je suis toujours au boulot. – This expression, using the term “boulot” for “work,” is especially common in informal speech in French-speaking regions like France and Belgium.

Note that while regional variations exist, using the formal and informal expressions mentioned earlier will ensure clear communication regardless of the French-speaking region you find yourself in.

Additional Tips and Examples

Now that you have a good grasp of formal and informal ways to say “still working” in French, here are some additional tips and examples to expand your understanding:

1. Use appropriate pronouns: When using the phrases above, make sure to adjust the verb and associated gender agreement according to your own situation. For example:

Je suis toujours en train de bosser. (I’m still working.)

Je suis encore en plein travaille. (I’m still working.)

2. Blend phrases for versatility: Feel free to combine different expressions and adapt them to your specific context. For instance:

Je suis toujours en train de bosser au bureau. (I’m still working at the office.)

Je continue de travailler sur ce projet. (I continue to work on this project.)

3. Pay attention to intonation: When conveying the idea of still working in spoken French, remember that intonation can help convey emphasis and meaning. Use a slightly raised tone to emphasize your ongoing work.

4. Practice using idiomatic expressions: French is known for its idiomatic expressions. Incorporating them in your conversations can make your language skills sound more authentic. For example:

Je bosse comme un fou ! (I’m working like crazy!)

Je suis sur le pont toute la journée. (I’m on the bridge all day – i.e., working tirelessly.)

5. Context matters: Always consider the context in which you’re using these phrases. Understanding the situation and adjusting your expression accordingly is crucial for effective communication.

With these tips and examples, you’re well on your way to confidently using the phrase “still working” in French. Remember to practice regularly and immerse yourself in the language to continuously refine your skills.

Bon courage! (Good luck!)

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