How to Say Skim Milk in Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to say “skim milk” in Spanish! Whether you need this information for a culinary adventure, travel purposes, or simply out of curiosity, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find formal and informal ways to express this term, along with some regional variations if applicable. So let’s dive right in!

Formal Ways to Say Skim Milk

If you find yourself in a formal setting, such as a business context or when conversing with older individuals or authority figures, you may want to use these expressions:

1. Leche Desnatada

The most widely used expression for “skim milk” in the Spanish-speaking world is “leche desnatada.” This term is easily understood and used in many Spanish-speaking countries.

2. Leche Descremada

Another formal alternative you can use is “leche descremada.” While it may not be as common as “leche desnatada,” it is still a perfectly valid way to refer to skim milk.

Informal Ways to Say Skim Milk

When in a relaxed or informal environment, you can use the following expressions to talk about skim milk:

1. Leche Desgrasada

In informal settings, “leche desgrasada” is commonly used to refer to skim milk. It is a more colloquial expression that you are likely to hear among friends, family, or casual conversations.

2. Leche Deslactosada

Additionally, you may also come across the term “leche deslactosada” when referring to skim milk. This expression highlights the absence or reduced levels of lactose in the milk, making it suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance.

Regional Variations

Spanish is a diverse language, and regional variations exist. Although the terms listed above are widely understood across Spanish-speaking countries, some regions have their own unique ways of saying “skim milk.” Here are a few regional variations:

1. Mexico

Mexicans commonly use the term “leche descremada” to refer to skim milk. However, in some regions, such as the Yucatan Peninsula, you may hear people say “leche deslactosada.”

2. Spain

In Spain, it is quite common to hear the term “leche desnatada” for skim milk. However, in some regions like Catalonia, you might come across the word “llet desnatada” instead.

Tips and Examples

Here are some additional tips and examples to help you further understand and use the term “skim milk” in Spanish:


  • Pay attention to the context when choosing between formal and informal expressions.
  • When unsure, opt for “leche desnatada” as it is the most universally understood term.
  • Regional variations are interesting to explore but not necessary for everyday communication.


“Yesterday, I bought some skim milk at the grocery store.”

“Ayer compré leche desnatada en el supermercado.”

“Could you please bring me some skim milk for my coffee?”
“¿Podrías traerme un poco de leche descremada para mi café, por favor?”

“I prefer skim milk because it has fewer calories.”
“Prefiero la leche desgrasada porque tiene menos calorías.”

Remember to adapt these examples based on the context and your specific needs.

With this comprehensive guide, you should now have a solid grasp on how to say “skim milk” in Spanish. Whether you opt for the formal expressions like “leche desnatada” or the more informal ones such as “leche desgrasada,” you’ll be able to navigate a variety of Spanish-speaking communities and engage in meaningful conversations. ¡Buena suerte!

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Written by Brenda Wendy

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