How to Say “Psych” in Irish

Have you ever wondered how to say “psych” in Irish? In this guide, we will explore the formal and informal ways to express this term. Although Irish, also known as Irish Gaelic, is rich with regional variations, we will focus on the standard Irish language. So, let’s dive in and learn how to use this fun word!

Formal Ways to Say “Psych” in Irish

In formal Irish, we use the word “psych” as a loanword, which means it remains unchanged in its English form. Gaelic doesn’t have an exact equivalent for it. Therefore, you can use “psych” in a formal setting without alteration. For example:

Is breá liom an cluiche seo… psych! (I love this game… psych!)

However, it’s important to note that using English words within Irish sentences is more common in informal conversations. And that’s where the true Irish variations come into play!

Informal Ways to Say “Psych” in Irish

Informally, if you want to incorporate “psych” into your Irish conversations, we have a few options for you. Let’s explore some common Irish phrases that can convey the same playful meaning as “psych” does in English:

1. “An bhfuil mé ag magadh leat?”

This phrase literally translates to “Am I joking with you?” and can be used similarly to “psych.” It implies that you are teasing or playing a joke on someone. For instance:

Bhí mé ar an mbóthar, amach ag siúl… An bhfuil mé ag magadh leat? (I was on the road, walking… Am I joking with you?)

2. “Amú, amú!”

“Amú, amú!” translates to “Fooling, fooling!” and can be used to imply playful deception. It serves a similar purpose to “psych,” indicating that you were only pretending or joking. For example:

Tá do póg féin amuigh ansin… Amú, amú! (Your kiss is out there… Fooling, fooling!)

3. “Is é an cúlchiste atá ann.”

This phrase translates as “That’s the punchline.” It can be used to reveal that something was a joke or a trick, functioning similarly to “psych.” For instance:

Bhuel, bhuel… Tá an obair scoile sin, an machnamh is déarfa, is é an cúlchiste atá ann! (Well, well… That school work, the thinking is hard, that’s the punchline!)

Regional Variations

While the previously mentioned phrases can be understood across Ireland, it’s worth highlighting that Irish has several regional variations. These dialects, including Munster Irish, Connacht Irish, and Ulster Irish, may have their own unique expressions or pronunciations.

When using these informal phrases in informal conversations, it’s essential to consider the regional preferences and adapt accordingly. Local Irish speakers will appreciate the effort you put into learning their distinctive use of language.


Learning how to say “psych” in Irish can add a playful touch to your conversations. While in formal situations “psych” remains the same, informal Irish offers a range of phrases like “An bhfuil mé ag magadh leat?” (“Am I joking with you?”), “Amú, amú!” (“Fooling, fooling!”), and “Is é an cúlchiste atá ann.” (“That’s the punchline.”) that can serve as replacements. Remember to consider regional variations if engaged in local dialects. So build your Irish vocabulary and have fun expressing your playful side in the Irish language!

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