Guide: How to Say “Optique”

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to say “optique”! Whether you’re looking for the formal or informal pronunciation, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, you’ll find helpful tips, examples, and even regional variations if necessary. So, let’s dive right in!

Formal Pronunciation of “Optique”

The formal way to say “optique” is pronounced as “op-teek.”


  • Emphasize the first syllable by placing a slight stress on the “op” sound.
  • Make sure to pronounce the “t” sound clearly without blending it with the following “i” vowel sound.
  • The final “que” sound is pronounced as “k,” similar to the letter “k.”


I just got a new pair of optique glasses.

The optique store has a wide range of high-quality eyewear.

Please visit our optique department for all your vision needs.

Informal Pronunciation of “Optique”

Now, let’s explore the informal way to say “optique.” In informal settings, it is commonly pronounced as “op-teek-uh.”


  • Similar to the formal pronunciation, emphasize the first syllable “op” with a slight stress.
  • After “op,” pronounce the “t” sound but follow it immediately with a soft “uh” sound.
  • The final “que” sound is still pronounced as “k,” as in the formal pronunciation.


Let’s check out that new optique-uh in town!

I need to get my eyes tested at the local optique-uh.

She bought a trendy pair of optique-uh sunglasses.

Regional Variations

While the pronunciation “op-teek” and “op-teek-uh” covers most English-speaking regions, there might be some slight variations in different dialects.

American English:

American English tends to pronounce “optique” with a long “o” sound as “ahp-teeq” or “ahp-teeq-uh.”

British English:

In British English, “optique” is often pronounced with the short “o” sound as “op-teek” or “op-teek-ah.”

Australian English:

Australian English typically follows the British English pronunciation, with “optique” said as “op-teek” or “op-teek-ah.”

Canadian English:

In Canadian English, the pronunciation of “optique” aligns closely with the general North American pronunciation, as “ahp-teek” or “ahp-teek-uh.”

Indian English:

In Indian English, “optique” may be pronounced as “op-teek” or “op-teek-uh,” similar to the informal pronunciation.

Remember that these regional variations are not strict rules, and individual accents may still vary within these countries.


By now, you should be confident in saying “optique” both formally and informally. Remember the key tips: emphasize the first syllable, pronounce the “t” sound clearly, and pronounce the final “que” as “k.” Additionally, we discussed regional variations in American, British, Australian, Canadian, and Indian English.

Use this guide as your go-to resource when talking about anything related to optique! Happy pronouncing!

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