How to Say Music Is My Hobby: Formal and Informal Ways

Music is a wonderful hobby that brings joy, relaxation, and self-expression to many people. If you want to express your love for music and let others know that it is your hobby, there are various ways to do it. In this guide, we will explore both formal and informal ways to convey the sentiment that music is your favorite pastime. Whether you want to use these phrases in a professional setting or a casual conversation, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say Music Is Your Hobby

When it comes to formal situations like job interviews, professional networking events, or formal presentations, it’s crucial to choose your words carefully. Here are some formal ways to convey that music is your hobby:

1. “Music brings me immense joy and I consider it my favorite hobby.”

This formal statement clearly expresses your love for music as a hobby while maintaining a professional tone.

2. “I find great solace and fulfillment in cultivating my passion for music as a hobby.”

This sentence conveys your deep connection with music and emphasizes how it brings you peace and fulfillment.

3. “I devote a significant amount of my free time to music, as it is my beloved hobby.”

This formal statement demonstrates the commitment you have towards music and how you prioritize it in your leisure time.

Informal Ways to Say Music Is Your Hobby

Informal situations, such as conversations with friends, social gatherings, or casual introductions, offer more flexibility in expressing your love for music as a hobby. Here are some informal ways to convey this sentiment:

1. “Music is my jam! It’s my absolute favorite hobby.”

This informal phrase shows your enthusiasm for music and emphasizes that it is your go-to hobby.

2. “I’m totally obsessed with music – it’s my ultimate hobby!”

In an informal setting, this sentence expresses your passion for music and uses stronger words like “obsessed” and “ultimate” to emphasize its significance to you.

3. “I can’t get enough of music! It’s my number one hobby.”

This casual phrase indicates your insatiable appetite for music and highlights how it holds the top spot among your hobbies.

Tips and Examples for Expressing Music as Your Hobby

Now that we’ve covered the formal and informal ways to convey that music is your hobby, here are some additional tips and examples to help you articulate your passion confidently:

1. Connect music to your personal growth:

Example: “Music has played an integral role in shaping me as an individual, and it continues to be an essential part of my personal growth. It’s not just a hobby; it’s my lifeline.”

By highlighting the personal growth aspect, you communicate that music is not merely a pastime but something that has profoundly influenced you.

2. Mention different genres or instruments you enjoy:

Example: “From classical to jazz and everything in between, music has always been my constant companion. I love exploring different genres and broadening my musical horizons.”

By showcasing your appreciation for diverse genres or instruments, you demonstrate your versatility as a music lover.

3. Share your involvement in music-related activities:

Example: “I actively participate in community choirs and local music festivals because music is not just a hobby for me – it’s a way to connect with others who share my passion.”

By mentioning your involvement in music-related activities, you showcase your dedication and commitment to music beyond the hobbyist level.

4. Emphasize the emotional impact of music:

Example: “Music has the power to uplift my spirits, heal my soul, and bring tears of joy to my eyes. It’s an emotional outlet and an essential part of who I am.”

By emphasizing the emotional impact of music, you communicate the depth of your connection with this hobby.


Expressing that music is your hobby can be done in both formal and informal ways. Balancing professionalism and enthusiasm is crucial when choosing the right phrases for different contexts. Remember to connect music to your personal growth, mention genres/instruments you enjoy, share your involvement in music-related activities, and emphasize the emotional impact music has on you. By employing these tips and examples, you can confidently convey your love for music as your favorite hobby!

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