Guide on How to Say Megillah

When it comes to saying the word “megillah,” whether in a formal or informal context, there are various regional variations that exist. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore different ways to pronounce “megillah” and provide you with helpful tips and examples to ensure you can confidently express it in any situation.

Formal Pronunciations:

When using the formal pronunciation of “megillah,” it is important to emphasize each syllable distinctly. Here’s a breakdown:

1. US / Formal:

In the United States, the most common formal pronunciation of “megillah” is:


Ensure that the “GIL” syllable is emphasized, but not overly so. Remember to maintain a warm and friendly tone, even in formal settings.

2. UK / Formal:

In the United Kingdom, the formal pronunciation of “megillah” is slightly different:


Emphasize the “MEG” syllable while softly gliding over the “uh-luh” part.

Informal Pronunciations:

Informal pronunciations of “megillah” may vary more widely based on personal preferences, regional accents, or colloquial usage. Here are a few examples:

1. Casual / Everyday:

For everyday conversations, many people opt for a more relaxed pronunciation. Here’s one way to say “megillah” informally:


This pronunciation simplifies the syllables for a more colloquial sound. Remember, the key is to maintain a warm and friendly tone.

2. Laid-back / Informal:

In specific informal contexts, you may use an even more laid-back pronunciation:


This version omits the initial “uh” sound, making it sound more relaxed and conversational.

Tips and Examples:


  • Don’t rush while pronouncing “megillah.” Take your time, emphasizing each syllable clearly.
  • Practice the pronunciation with someone who knows how to say it well, or listen to audio recordings.
  • When in doubt, always err on the side of formality.


Now let’s go through a few examples to provide you with a better understanding of how “megillah” can be pronounced:

  • Formal: “The rabbi read the MEG-uh-luh during the holiday service.”
  • Informal: “Oh, you haven’t heard the muh-GEE-luh of what happened at the party?”
  • Casual: “He always tells the whole muh-GEE-luh, not leaving anything out!”

Remember, the context and your relationship with the person you are speaking to will help determine which pronunciation to use. Whether it’s in a formal or informal setting, expressing the word “megillah” accurately will ensure effective communication.

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