Guide to Saying “Laundry” in Thai

Gaining some basic vocabulary in a foreign language can greatly enhance your travel experience. If you’re planning to visit Thailand or simply want to expand your language skills, learning how to say “laundry” in Thai will prove to be useful. In this guide, we’ll explore formal and informal ways to express “laundry” in Thai, and we’ll also touch upon any regional variations, if necessary. Let’s get started!

Formal Ways to Say “Laundry” in Thai

If you want to use a more formal expression for “laundry” in Thai, you may rely on the term “บริการซักรีด” (pronounced: bà-rí-gaan săk-grêet). This term is widely understood throughout Thailand and is suitable for use in most situations where formality is preferred, such as in professional environments or when interacting with strangers.

Informal Ways to Say “Laundry” in Thai

When it comes to informal situations, such as conversations with friends, family, or in casual settings, you can use the word “ร้านซักรีด” (pronounced: ráan săk-grêet). This word translates to “laundry shop” and is commonly used among Thai people to refer to the place where laundry is done. In informal contexts, you can simply say “ซักรีด” (pronounced: săk-grêet) as a shorter way of saying “laundry”.

Regional Variations

Thai is spoken across Thailand, but there might be slight regional variations in terms of vocabulary usage. However, when it comes to “laundry”, the terms mentioned above are universally understood throughout the country, regardless of the region you find yourself in. Therefore, you can confidently use either the formal expression “บริการซักรีด” or the informal word “ร้านซักรีด” or “ซักรีด”, no matter where you are in Thailand.

Tips for Pronunciation

Thai pronunciation may initially present a challenge for beginners, but with some practice, it becomes easier. Here are a few tips to help you pronounce the word for “laundry” correctly:

  • บริการซักรีด: Pronounce it as “bà-rí-gaan săk-grêet”. Break it down into syllables and pronounce each syllable slowly: “bà” – “rí” – “gaan” – “săk” – “grêet”.
  • ร้านซักรีด: Pronounce it as “ráan săk-grêet”. Pay attention to the tones. “Ráan” should have a slightly rising tone, and “săk-grêet” should have a low tone.
  • ซักรีด: Pronounce it as “săk-grêet”. Keep in mind that “săk” has a low tone, while “grêet” has a rising tone.

Examples in Context

Learning vocabulary is essential, but using it in context truly helps solidify your understanding. Here are a few examples of how to use the word for “laundry” in Thai:

Formal Situations:

When interacting with a receptionist at a hotel, you can say:

“ฉันต้องการบริการซักรีด” (chăn dtông gaan bà-rí-gaan săk-grêet).

This translates to “I need laundry service” in English and conveys formality.

Informal Situations:

When talking to a friend about doing laundry, you can say:

“ไปร้านซักรีดกันเถอะ” (bpai ráan săk-grêet gan tà).

This means “Let’s go to the laundry shop” and is a more casual expression.


Congratulations! Now you know both formal and informal ways to say “laundry” in Thai. Remember, “บริการซักรีด” (bà-rí-gaan săk-grêet) is suitable for formal situations, while “ร้านซักรีด” (ráan săk-grêet) or “ซักรีด” (săk-grêet) are used informally. By integrating these terms into your vocabulary, you’ll find it easier to communicate when discussing laundry needs in Thailand. Have fun learning, and enjoy your travels in the Land of Smiles!

Written by Molly Jean

สวัสดีค่ะ, I'm Molly. I have an unending love for the Thai culture and language, which drives me to write comprehensive guides on how to speak Thai for those willing to learn. Outside writing, I enjoy venturing into nature, and I have a soft spot for rabbits and dancing. When I'm not burying my nose in the nearest book on linguistics or working on a new post - like “How to Say ‘You're Ugly' in Thai”, I like to sip coconut milk and ponder over my next big guide. ขอบคุณค่ะ for stopping by!

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