Alternative Ways to Say “I Like”

Expressing your fondness for something or someone is a common part of our daily conversations. However, constantly repeating the phrase “I like” can become monotonous. In this guide, we will explore various alternatives to help you convey your admiration, affection, and appreciation in a more engaging manner. Whether you are looking for formal or informal expressions, this guide has got you covered! Let’s dive in.

Formal Ways to Say “I Like”

If you find yourself in situations where formality is important, here are some alternatives to “I like” that can help you articulate your appreciation more eloquently:

  1. I greatly appreciate – This phrase emphasizes a high level of admiration and respect for something or someone.
  2. I have a deep admiration for – Use this expression to convey a profound respect and admiration towards a person or an object.
  3. I am quite fond of – A slightly more formal way to express your affection towards something.
  4. I have developed an affinity for – Use this phrase to express a growing attraction or liking towards someone or something.
  5. I am drawn to – This expression suggests an inherent attraction or inclination towards someone or something.

Informal Ways to Say “I Like”

When you’re in a casual setting or having an informal conversation, using these alternative expressions can make your conversations more engaging and enjoyable:

  1. I’m really into – This phrase demonstrates a strong interest or enthusiasm for someone or something.
  2. I’m a fan of – Use this expression to show your support and admiration for someone or something.
  3. I’m hooked on – If you’re highly addicted or captivated by something, this phrase is perfect to express your liking.
  4. I’ve taken a liking to – Use this expression to express that you are starting to appreciate and enjoy someone or something.
  5. I can’t get enough of – This phrase implies that you enjoy someone or something so much that you can’t stop indulging in it.

Examples and Tips

Now that you have a list of alternative ways to say “I like,” let’s take a look at some examples and additional tips to further enhance your expression:

Example 1:

Original: I like this book.

Alternative: I greatly appreciate this book, as it offers valuable insights into the subject matter.


  • Consider providing specific details or reasons when expressing your liking to make it more impactful.
  • Adapt your language based on the context and the relationships you have with your listeners.
  • Use appropriate body language, such as a smile or nod, to complement your verbal expressions of liking.

Example 2:

Original: I like spending time with you.

Alternative: I’m really into spending quality time with you. It brings me joy and strengthens our bond.


  • When expressing your liking towards a person, highlighting the positive impact it has on your relationship can make it more meaningful.
  • Consider using words like joy, happiness, or fulfillment to emphasize the positive emotions associated with your liking.
  • Active listening and engaged participation in conversations can further reinforce your liking for the person you are speaking with.

Remember, expressing your likes in different ways not only adds variety to your conversations but also helps you connect with others on a deeper level. By using alternative expressions, you can make your interactions more engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved!

Continue exploring different ways to express your likes, and you’ll soon find yourself mastering the art of communication. Have fun!

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