Guide: How to Say “I Got a Job” in Korean

Congratulations on getting a job! Expressing your achievement in Korean is a fantastic way to share your excitement with others. In this guide, we’ll cover both formal and informal ways to say “I got a job” in Korean, along with some tips and examples to help you become more confident in your language skills. So, let’s get started!

Formal Expressions

If you want to communicate your new job in a formal setting, such as with an employer, senior colleague, or someone you don’t know well, these expressions are appropriate:

1. 취직했어요 (Chwijikhaesseoyo)

This is a simple and straightforward expression that means “I got a job” in a formal context. Use it when talking to someone you want to show respect to. The honorific ending “-세요 (-seyo)” conveys politeness.


Interviewer: 신입사원이 되실 건가요? (Shinipsawoni doesil geongayo?)

You: 네, 취직했어요. (Ne, chwijikhaesseoyo.)

Translation: Interviewer: Are you going to become a new employee? You: Yes, I got a job.

2. 취업했습니다 (Chwieobhaesseumnida)

Another formal expression for “I got a job” is 취업했습니다 (Chwieobhaesseumnida). It’s commonly used in formal conversations and business settings.


Colleague: 좋은 일자리를 얻었군요. (Joheun iljarireul eodeotgunyo.)

You: 네, 취업했습니다. (Ne, chwieobhaesseumnida.)

Translation: Colleague: You got a great job. You: Yes, I got a job.

Informal Expressions

If you wish to share your good news with friends, family, or peers in a more casual environment, use these informal expressions:

1. 일자리 구했어 (Iljarie guhaesseo)

This expression, 일자리 구했어 (Iljarie guhaesseo), is commonly used among friends and acquaintances. It translates to “I found a job.” The informal tone ensures a friendly conversation.


Friend: 어떻게 해서 일자리 구했어? (Eotteoke haeseo iljarie guhaesseo?)

You: 인터넷으로 구인 공고를 찾다가 구했어. (Inteoneoteuro guin gonggoreul chatdaga guhaesseo.)

Translation: Friend: How did you find a job? You: I found it while searching for job postings on the internet.

2. 직장 뽑혔어 (Jikjang ppyeophyeosseo)

A more informal way to say “I got a job” is 직장 뽑혔어 (Jikjang ppyeophyeosseo), which could be used among close friends. This expression is a bit playful and emphasizes the idea of being “chosen” for the job.


Friend: 어디서 일하게 됐어? (Eodiseo ilhage dwaesseo?)

You: 네, ABC회사에서 직장 뽑혔어. (Ne, ABC hoesaeseo jikjang ppyeophyeosseo.)

Translation: Friend: Where did you end up working? You: Well, I got chosen for a job at ABC Company.

Tips and Variations

Here are some additional tips and variations to enhance your understanding of expressing “I got a job” in Korean:

1. Non-verbal Communication

Remember that non-verbal communication often accompanies expressions of joy or success. Smiling, using excited gestures, or maintaining an enthusiastic tone will greatly enhance your message.

2. Regional Variations

While Korean is primarily spoken in South Korea, there are regional dialects known as “saturi.” If you are interacting with locals who speak a regional dialect, they might have variations in their expressions for “I got a job.” It’s always interesting to learn and adapt to these variations when appropriate.

3. Formality Considerations

Always consider the formality of the situation and your relationship with the person you are speaking to. If unsure, it’s generally better to start with a more formal expression and adjust your language based on the other person’s response.

4. Include Context

To make your conversation more engaging, provide additional context about your job, such as the company name, industry, or position you secured. Sharing these details will invite more meaningful discussions.

5. Responding to Congratulations

When someone congratulates you on your new job, you can respond with “감사합니다 (Gamsahamnida),” which means “Thank you.” Show gratitude and appreciation for their kind words.

Now armed with formal and informal ways to say “I got a job” in Korean, along with useful tips, you can confidently share your happy news with others in a warm and friendly manner. We wish you all the best in your new role!

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