Guide: How to Say “I am Interested in Something”

Hello and welcome to our guide on expressing interest! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various ways to convey your interest, both formally and informally. Whether you want to express interest in a job, a hobby, or any other topic of discussion, we’ve got you covered. So let’s jump right in!

Formal Expressions of Interest

Formal contexts often require a more professional approach when expressing interest. Here are some useful phrases:

“I am genuinely interested in [topic].”

This phrase is simple and straightforward. It conveys a strong level of interest without any ambiguity.

“I have a keen interest in [topic].”

Using the word “keen” emphasizes your enthusiasm and eagerness to explore the subject further.

“I am highly interested in [topic].”

When you want to emphasize a high level of interest, using the word “highly” can be quite effective.

Informal Expressions of Interest

Informal contexts offer more flexibility and allow for a friendlier tone. Here are some casual expressions you can use:

“I’m really into [topic].”

This phrase is commonly used in informal conversations and can convey a strong interest in a fun and relaxed way.

“[Topic] is something I’m pretty interested in.”

The use of “pretty” in this expression adds a touch of informality while still expressing genuine interest.

“I have a thing for [topic].”

This phrase, while informal, adds a bit of playful charm to your expression of interest.

Tips for Expressing Interest Effectively

Now that we’ve covered some phrases for expressing interest, let’s explore a few tips to ensure your message comes across clearly:

1. Be specific:

When expressing interest, be as specific as possible. Instead of saying, “I’m interested in music,” you can say, “I’m really into classical music.” This helps create a more engaging conversation.

2. Use positive language:

Avoid using negative language or phrases while expressing interest. Instead, focus on the positive aspects and highlight what attracts you to the subject.

3. Show enthusiasm:

Expressing enthusiasm helps convey your interest effectively. Use words like “passionate,” “excited,” or “eager” to showcase your enthusiasm for the topic.

4. Share personal experiences:

If you have relevant personal experiences related to the topic, sharing them can demonstrate your genuine interest and make the conversation more engaging.


Now let’s go through some examples to further illustrate how to express interest in different situations:

Example 1:

Formal: “I am genuinely interested in joining your team. The work you are doing aligns perfectly with my career goals, and I believe I could make a valuable contribution.”

Informal: “I’m really into joining your team! Your work seems super exciting and totally aligns with my career goals. I bet I could bring some awesome ideas to the table!”

Example 2:

Formal: “I have a keen interest in learning foreign languages. The cultural aspect and the ability to connect with people from different backgrounds fascinates me.”

Informal: “I have a thing for learning languages! It’s so cool to connect with people from different cultures. Plus, it’s a great way to make new friends and explore new places!”

Example 3:

Formal: “I am highly interested in art history. The way each masterpiece tells a story and the historical context behind them captivates me.”

Informal: “I’m pretty interested in art history. Those masterpieces have some amazing stories and crazy historical backgrounds. It’s like a time machine through art!”

Regional Variations

While the phrases and expressions mentioned above are widely used in various English-speaking regions, it is important to note that regional variations exist. For example, British English speakers might prefer saying “I’m really keen on [topic],” whereas American English speakers might opt for “I’m really excited about [topic].” Such variations are completely natural and should be embraced to enhance cultural flavor within conversations.

Remember, the key to effective expression of interest lies in being authentic and genuine. Tailoring your language to the specific situation and audience will help you connect better and initiate engaging conversations. So go ahead and express your interest confidently!

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights on how to say “I am interested in something.” Happy expressing!

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