Guide: How to Say “Hey Beautiful” in German

Greetings are an essential part of any language, and knowing how to address someone with compliments and warmth can go a long way in building connections. In this guide, we will explore various ways to say “Hey beautiful” in German, including formal and informal expressions. While regional variations exist, we will focus on widely-used phrases. Let’s dive in!

Informal Expressions:

When addressing someone informally, such as a friend or a loved one, you can make them feel special and appreciated by using the following phrases:

  1. Hallo Schönheit: This translates directly to “Hello beauty” and is a simple and straightforward way to greet someone informally while appreciating their beauty.
  2. Hey, du siehst wunderschön aus: Here, “Hey” is a commonly used informal greeting, followed by “du siehst wunderschön aus,” meaning “you look beautiful.” This is a powerful and direct compliment.
  3. Hallo, mein hübsches Mädchen/mein hübscher Kerl: This translates to “Hello, my pretty girl/my handsome guy.” It adds a touch of endearment and personal connection to the greeting.
  4. Moin, Schönheit: “Moin” is a casual way to say “Hi” in some German regions. When combined with “Schönheit,” meaning “beauty,” it creates a warm and friendly greeting.
  5. Na, du siehst ja umwerfend aus: “Na” is an informal way to say “Hey” or “Well.” When followed by “du siehst ja umwerfend aus,” meaning “you look stunning,” it expresses admiration in a more casual manner.

Formal Expressions:

In more formal or professional settings, it’s important to maintain appropriate etiquette while still conveying warmth and respect. Here are some phrases you can use:

  1. Guten Tag, schöne Frau/schöner Mann: “Guten Tag” is a polite and commonly used way to say “Good day.” By adding “schöne Frau” for a woman or “schöner Mann” for a man, you express the compliment in a formal and well-mannered manner.
  2. Hallo, Sie sehen bezaubernd aus: “Hallo” can be used more formally, especially in professional settings. “Sie sehen bezaubernd aus” translates to “You look enchanting.” This phrase is best suited for complimenting someone formally and respectfully.
  3. Sehr geehrte/r Herr/Frau, Sie strahlen eine außergewöhnliche Schönheit aus: When writing a formal letter or addressing someone with utmost respect, this phrase can be used. It translates to “Dear Sir/Madam, you radiate extraordinary beauty.” This expression elevates the compliment to a higher level of formality and esteem.
  4. Guten Morgen, meine schöne Dame/mein gutaussehender Herr: When greeting someone in the morning, combining “Guten Morgen” (Good morning) with “meine schöne Dame” (my beautiful lady) or “mein gutaussehender Herr” (my handsome gentleman) adds elegance and sophistication to the compliment.
  5. Einen wunderschönen guten Abend, verehrte/r Frau/Herr: Addressing someone in the evening necessitates a unique greeting. In this case, “Einen wunderschönen guten Abend” means “A very beautiful good evening.” Adding “verehrte/r Frau/Herr” (esteemed lady/sir) conveys a high level of respect and politeness.

Regional Variations:

German is spoken in various regions, and there can be subtle linguistic differences. However, when it comes to expressing admiration, the phrases mentioned above are widely understood and appreciated throughout Germany.


Now that you have a wide range of expressions to say “Hey beautiful” in German, you can confidently greet others with warmth and admiration, whether informally or formally. Remember, compliments can brighten someone’s day, so use them thoughtfully. Enjoy exploring the beauty of the German language!

“Sprichst du Deutsch? Du hast die Schönheit einer Rose!”
Translation: “Do you speak German? You have the beauty of a rose!”

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