How to Say “Good Picture” in Spanish: Formal and Informal Ways

If you want to express your admiration for a photograph in Spanish, it’s important to know how to say “good picture.” In this guide, you will find formal and informal ways to convey this sentiment. We will also provide tips, examples, and regional variations when necessary. Let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say “Good Picture” in Spanish

When you want to give a more formal compliment about a picture or photograph, you can use the following expressions:

1. Excelente Foto

This phrase, “excelente foto,” is a direct translation of “good picture” and is widely used to convey admiration for a well-captured image.

Example: “¡Excelente foto! El enfoque y la composición son perfectos.”

2. Hermosa Imagen

Literally meaning “beautiful image,” “hermosa imagen” is a formal way to appreciate a visually appealing picture.

Example: “Qué hermosa imagen, capturaste perfectamente la luz del atardecer.”

3. Magnífica Fotografía

If you want to emphasize the quality and technique behind a photograph, you can use “magnífica fotografía.”

Example: “Felicidades por esta magnífica fotografía. Los colores y la perspectiva son impresionantes.”

Informal Ways to Say “Good Picture” in Spanish

When expressing your admiration in a more casual or informal setting, you can use these phrases:

1. Buena Foto

“Buena foto” is a common way to say “good picture” in Spanish, especially among friends and family members.

Example: “¡Buena foto! Me encanta cómo capturaste el momento espontáneo.”

2. Linda Imagen

Similar to “buena foto,” “linda imagen” conveys a positive sentiment towards a picture in a more relaxed way.

Example: “¡Qué linda imagen! Me transmite una sensación de paz.”

3. Genial Fotografía

If you want to go beyond “good” and express your enthusiasm for a picture, you can use “genial fotografía.”

Example: “¡Genial fotografía! Has capturado la esencia del lugar de manera impresionante.”

Regional Variations

Spanish is spoken in many countries, and you may encounter regional variations. While the formal and informal phrases mentioned above are widely understood, here’s a glimpse into some alternative expressions:


In Spain, people may also use “qué bonita foto” or “qué foto tan bonita” (how beautiful/photo so beautiful) to compliment a picture informally.


In Mexico, it is common to say “buena chamba” (good job) to compliment a picture informally.

Tips for Complimenting a Picture

When complimenting a picture in Spanish, try to use these tips:

  • Be specific: Mention what you like about the picture, such as composition, lighting, or captured emotion.
  • Use adjectives: Incorporate descriptive words like hermosa (beautiful), impresionante (impressive), genial (great), or perfecta (perfect).
  • Add personal touch: Share your emotions and how the picture makes you feel.

Example: “Esta foto es impresionante. Me encanta cómo capturaste la belleza del paisaje y transmites serenidad. ¡Buen trabajo!”

Remember, the goal is to sincerely express your admiration and appreciation for the picture.


Now that you know different formal and informal ways to say “good picture” in Spanish, you can confidently appreciate and compliment photographs in various settings. Whether you choose the more professional “excelente foto” or the casual “buena foto,” your words will surely bring joy to the photographer. Don’t forget to embrace regional variations and personalize your compliments by adding specific details. ¡Buena suerte!

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