How to Say “Go Russia” in Russian: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning a trip to Russia? Knowing a few essential phrases can greatly enhance your experience and help you navigate through this stunning country with ease. One of the most important phrases to learn is “Go Russia!” In this guide, we will show you how to express this phrase in Russian using both formal and informal ways. We will also provide various tips, examples, and useful information along the way. So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of the Russian language and discover how to say “Go Russia!” in different situations.

Formal Ways to Say “Go Russia!”

If you’re in a formal setting or want to address someone with respect, here are a few phrases you can use to say “Go Russia!” in Russian:

1. Путешествуйте по России! (Puteshestvuyte po Rossii!)

This phrase is a formal way to encourage someone to travel across Russia. It is a polite and respectful expression, suitable for addressing older people, professionals, or people in positions of authority. Here, “путешествуйте” (puteshestvuyte) is the formal second-person imperative of the verb “путешествовать” (puteshestvovat’), which means “to travel.” “По России” (po Rossii) means “across Russia.”

2. Вам стоит посетить Россию! (Vam stoit posetit’ Rossiyu!)

This alternative formal phrase translates to “You should visit Russia!” It’s a way to suggest that someone would benefit from visiting Russia. “Вам стоит” (Vam stoit) means “it is worth to you,” and “посетить Россию” (posetit’ Rossiyu) means “to visit Russia.” It’s a gentle way to encourage someone without coming across as pushy.

Informal Ways to Say “Go Russia!”

In more casual situations, such as when talking to friends or peers, you can use these informal expressions to say “Go Russia!” in Russian:

1. Поехали в Россию! (Poyekhali v Rossiyu!)

This phrase is a popular and energetic way to say “Let’s go to Russia!” The word “поехали” (poyekhali) means “let’s go” or “we’re going.” It is a versatile and commonly used expression that carries enthusiasm and excitement. “В Россию” (v Rossiyu) means “to Russia.”

2. Куда летим? В Россию! (Kuda letim? V Rossiyu!)

This playful phrase can be used among friends when discussing travel plans. It translates to “Where are we flying? To Russia!” It’s a way to suggest an exciting adventure with a touch of humor. “Куда летим?” (Kuda letim?) means “Where are we flying?” and “В Россию” (V Rossiyu) means “to Russia.”

Tips and Examples for Saying “Go Russia!”

Here are a few additional tips and examples to help you feel more confident when using the phrases mentioned above:

1. Intonation and Body Language

Remember that intonation and body language play a significant role in communicating your excitement and enthusiasm. When saying “Go Russia!” in Russian, use a lively tone, smile, and use gestures to enhance your message.

2. Add “Давай” (Davai)

You can make the informal phrases even more spirited by adding “давай” (davai) at the beginning. It serves as a way to say “Let’s” or “Come on.” For example, “Давай поедем в Россию!” (Davai poedem v Rossiyu!) means “Let’s go to Russia!”

3. Combine with Other Travel-Related Phrases

To expand your vocabulary and create more meaningful conversations, consider combining phrases like “Go Russia!” with other travel-related expressions. For instance, you can say “Давай отправимся в увлекательное путешествие по России!” (Davai otpravimsya v uvlekatel’noe puteshestvie po Rossii!), which means “Let’s embark on an exciting journey across Russia!”

Tip: To express politeness in Russian, you can add “пожалуйста” (pozhaluysta) at the end of formal phrases. For example, “Путешествуйте по России, пожалуйста!” (Puteshestvuyte po Rossii, pozhaluysta!) means “Travel across Russia, please!”

4. Adapt to the Situation

Always consider the context and adapt your phrase accordingly. If you’re talking to a group of people, you can use plural forms like “поехали” (poyekhali) or “давайте” (davayte), which means “let’s” in a plural sense.


Congratulations! You’ve learned different ways to say “Go Russia!” in Russian. Whether you prefer a formal or informal approach, these phrases will help you encourage others to explore the beautiful country of Russia. Remember to use appropriate intonation and body language to convey your excitement effectively. Combine these phrases with others to create more engaging conversations. Now, go ahead and use your newly acquired language skills to inspire others to embark on unforgettable adventures in Russia!

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