How to Say Girl in Gujarati

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary in Gujarati? Knowing how to say “girl” in Gujarati is a great place to start! In this guide, we will provide you with formal and informal ways to express this word, as well as some tips, examples, and regional variations if applicable. Let’s dive in and explore the different ways to say “girl” in Gujarati!

Formal Way to Say Girl in Gujarati

When it comes to a formal context, the standard and respectful word used to refer to a girl in Gujarati is “કનીયા” (pronounced as “kaniya”). This term is commonly used in formal conversations, official settings, or when addressing someone with respect.

Informal Ways to Say Girl in Gujarati

In informal situations, there are a few alternative words you can use to refer to a girl in Gujarati. It’s important to note that these terms may vary across different regions of Gujarat. Let’s explore some of the informal ways to address a girl:

1. “છોકરી” (Chokri)

“છોકરી” (chokri) is a commonly used term to refer to a girl in Gujarati. This word is widely understood and used across different parts of Gujarat. It is considered relatively informal and is often used among friends, family members, or in casual conversations.

2. “છોક્કરી” (Chhokkari)

Another informal way to say “girl” in Gujarati is “છોક્કરી” (chhokkari). This term is similar to “છોકરી” (chokri) and is commonly used in everyday language. It is more colloquial and often used in informal settings or when speaking with peers.

Tips and Examples

To better understand the usage of these words, let’s take a look at some tips and examples:


  • Use the formal term “કનીયા” (kaniya) when speaking in a respectful or professional context.
  • Reserve the informal terms “છોકરી” (chokri) and “છોક્કરી” (chhokkari) for casual conversations or when addressing friends and peers.
  • Be mindful of regional variations and use the term that is most commonly understood in the area you are in.


Let’s explore a few examples to see how these words can be used in sentences:

Example 1: હું આજે મારી મિત્રિને કનીયાને મળીને વાતો કરીશ. (Hun aaje maari mitrine kaniyane mālīne vāto kariś.)
Translation: I will meet my friend and talk to the girl today.

Example 2: શું તમે છોકરીને ઉંમરખું છેલ્લે કેમ દેખે છે? (Shu tame chokrine umarakhun chhelė kem dekhe che?)
Translation: How does the girl you saw last time look like?

By using these tips and examples, you can confidently address a girl in Gujarati, whether in a formal or informal setting. Remember to consider the context and regional variations, as these may influence the choice of words you use to refer to a girl.

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