How to Say Endurance in German: A Comprehensive Guide

Endurance is a quality that many admire and strive to cultivate in various aspects of life. Whether you want to express the concept of endurance in German for casual conversations or more formal situations, this guide has got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore different ways to say “endurance” in German, including both formal and informal variations.

Formal Expressions for Endurance

If you’re looking for formal ways to convey the idea of endurance in German, consider using the following expressions:

1. Ausdauer

Ausdauer is the most commonly used and formal term for “endurance” in German. It signifies the ability to persevere through difficult situations or to sustain physical or mental effort over a long period.


“Er hat in seinem Beruf eine außergewöhnliche Ausdauer gezeigt.” (He has shown exceptional endurance in his profession.)

2. Durchhaltevermögen

Durchhaltevermögen refers specifically to the capacity to persist despite challenges or obstacles. This term conveys a resilient and determined attitude towards achieving goals.


“Ihr Durchhaltevermögen hat sie zu großen Erfolgen geführt.” (Her endurance has led her to great successes.)

Informal Ways to Express Endurance

If you’re looking for more informal ways to discuss endurance in German, consider the following expressions:

1. Durchhalten

Durchhalten is a commonly used and versatile word in spoken German. It can be used as a verb or an exhortation, encouraging someone to keep going or to “hang in there.”


“Du schaffst das, nur noch ein bisschen durchhalten!” (You can do it, just hang in there a little longer!)

2. Stehvermögen

Stehvermögen is an informal term that conveys persistence and tenacity, particularly in the face of challenges or setbacks.


“Sein Stehvermögen half ihm, die Hürden zu überwinden.” (His endurance helped him overcome the hurdles.)

Regional Variations

German is spoken in various regions, and there can be slight variations in vocabulary choices. However, when it comes to expressing endurance, the terms mentioned above are widely understood and used throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that unique regional expressions may exist, particularly in dialects or specific local contexts.


Having the ability to endure is a valuable quality in both personal and professional pursuits. Now, armed with this guide, you can confidently express endurance in German in formal and informal situations. Whether you choose to use the formal terms “Ausdauer” or “Durchhaltevermögen,” or opt for more informal expressions like “Durchhalten” or “Stehvermögen,” your communication skills in German are sure to impress others with your perseverance and determination.

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