How to Say Emirati: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to say “Emirati.” Whether you’re planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or simply want to familiarize yourself with Emirati culture and language, this guide will provide you with essential tips and examples. In this article, we will cover both formal and informal ways to say “Emirati,” as well as any relevant regional variations. So, let’s dive in!

Formal Ways to Say Emirati

If you’re in a formal setting or talking to someone who prefers more respectful language, you can use the following phrases:

1. مواطن إماراتي (Mawātin ʾImārātī)

“Mawātin ʾImārātī” translates to “Emirati citizen” in English. It is a polite and formal way of referring to someone from the UAE.

2. شخص إماراتي (Shakhṣ ʾImārātī)

“Shakhṣ ʾImārātī” literally means “Emirati person.” It can be used interchangeably with the previous phrase to refer to an individual from the UAE.

Informal Ways to Say Emirati

If you’re in a more casual or friendly setting, you can use these informal phrases to refer to an Emirati:

1. إماراتي (ʾImārātī)

“ʾImārātī” is the most commonly used informal term to refer to someone from the UAE. It translates to “Emirati” in English.

2. خليجي (Khaleeji)

“Khaleeji” is a more general term used to refer to individuals from the Gulf region, which includes the UAE. While it’s not specific to Emiratis, it is commonly used in informal contexts.

Regional Variations

The UAE is a diverse country made up of seven emirates. Although the language spoken across the country is primarily Arabic, there may be slight regional variations in the way “Emirati” is pronounced. However, these differences are minimal, and the formal and informal terms mentioned above are widely understood throughout the UAE.

Tips and Examples

Tips for Pronouncing Emirati

  • Take your time to pronounce each syllable clearly and distinctly.
  • Emphasize the stressed syllable “Imā-” in “ʾImārātī.”
  • Pay attention to the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters, such as the “ṭāʾ marbūṭa” at the end of “Emirati.”


Here are some examples to help you practice how to say “Emirati” correctly:

  1. In a formal setting:

Interviewer: ما هي جنسيتك؟ (Mā hī jinssītuk?)
Candidate: أنا مواطن إماراتي. (ʾAnā mawātin ʾImārātī.)

In an informal setting:

Friend: هل تعرف أحد من الإمارات؟ (Hal taʿrif ʾaḥad min al-ʾImārāt?)
You: نعم، أصدقائي البعض هم إماراتيين. (Naʿam, ʾuṣadīqāʾī al-baʿḍ hum ʾHumārātīyīn.)

Remember, the key to correct pronunciation is practice. Don’t hesitate to ask native speakers for help and guidance. Emiratis are known for their warm and welcoming nature, so they will surely appreciate your efforts to learn their language.

Now that you have this comprehensive guide on how to say “Emirati,” you’ll be better equipped to communicate with Emiratis during your visit to the UAE and foster meaningful connections. Enjoy your language learning journey and have a wonderful time exploring the rich culture of the Emirates!

Written by Marion Monica

Hi, I'm Marion! A language enthusiast and wordsmith dedicating myself to breaking down language barriers, one word at a time. Whether it's guiding you on how to use phrases professionally or teaching expressions and pronunciation in a variety of languages—from Hausa and Ilocano to the Chaldean and Fulani. Literature and tea are my solace, and in my free time, you'd find me buried in a novel while sipping ginger tea. I aim to make language easily understandable, infusing some fun elements like Minion-speak while I'm at it! Let's embark on this linguistic journey together.

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