Guide: How to Say Dog in Pashto

Greetings! If you’re here, it means you’re interested in learning how to say “dog” in Pashto. Dogs hold a special place in our hearts, and it’s always intriguing to discover how different languages express this word. In this guide, we will explore both formal and informal ways to say “dog” in Pashto, while also providing additional tips and examples to enrich your understanding.

Formal Ways to Say Dog in Pashto

When it comes to using formal language in Pashto, there are a few ways to refer to a dog. Let’s take a look:

1. Sag/سږ: This word is commonly used to describe a dog and is widely understood in formal settings. It is the most appropriate and standard term for “dog” in Pashto.

Here is an example of how to use “sag” in a formal context:

د سږ تاسې سلام: Da sag tase salaam. (Hello to your dog.)

Now that we have covered the formal term for “dog,” let’s explore informal ways to say it.

Informal Ways to Say Dog in Pashto

Informal language allows us to express our familiarity and affection towards dogs. Here are a few informal terms to refer to a dog:

  1. Bax/Baxt/بکس/بکټ: These terms are commonly used in casual conversations to refer to a dog. They convey a sense of endearment and informality.
  2. Tokay/توکی: This word is used to describe a dog. It has a playful and affectionate tone and is particularly used by children or those who have a close bond with their dogs.

Here is an example of how to use these informal terms:

لمدی/په هغه بکت کوچی کوډمه: Lamay/Pa haga bakt kochi kawdama. (I am going for a walk with my dog.)

Examples of Dog in Pashto Phrases

Now that we have covered both formal and informal ways of saying “dog,” let’s explore a few more examples to help you further enhance your vocabulary in Pashto:

  1. په بکت کې مه تابه په نداره ده. Pa bakt ke ma taaba pa n dara da. (I keep a bowl of water next to the dog.)
  2. پخپېږنې د بکتونو تربط لرم. Pekhpazhane da baktuno tarbat laram. (I have a strong bond with dogs.)
  3. بېني‌ بکټه کوچی کړې چې ښووني دی. Bini bakta kochi kreye che shwani de. (Choose a friendly dog for a walk.)

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you use these phrases, the more comfortable you will become in speaking Pashto!


Learning how to say “dog” in another language not only increases your vocabulary but also enhances your cultural understanding. In Pashto, the formal term for dog is “sag” and the informal terms include “bax,” “baxt,” and “tokay.” By using these phrases, you can communicate effectively and show your love for dogs in Pashto.

Whether you are addressing a dog owner, discussing your own pet, or simply expressing your admiration for dogs in general, mastering these words will undoubtedly leave a positive impression. Enjoy expanding your linguistic abilities in Pashto, and remember to share your knowledge with others who share the same passion for languages!

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Written by Lena Roberta

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