How to say Des Moines in French: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you curious about how to say “Des Moines” in French? Whether you’re planning a trip to a French-speaking country or simply want to impress your friends with your language skills, this guide will provide you with all the information you need. In this article, we will explore the formal and informal ways to say “Des Moines” in French, as well as any regional variations that may exist. Let’s dive in!

1. Formal Ways to Say Des Moines in French

When it comes to formal language, it’s important to use the appropriate words and expressions. Here are some formal ways to say “Des Moines” in French:

“Des Moines” en français

This is the most straightforward and formal translation of “Des Moines” in French. Since it is a proper noun, it remains unchanged in the French language. Remember to pronounce it as “dey mwan” with a slight nasal sound at the end.

2. Informal Ways to Say Des Moines in French

Informal language allows for a more relaxed and casual communication style. Here are a few informal ways to say “Des Moines” in French:

  • “DM” – Informal abbreviations are often used in casual conversations, and “DM” is a popular one for “Des Moines”. This abbreviation is a handy way to refer to the city without using its full name.
  • “Dédé” – A nickname like “Dédé” can be used by friends or locals as an affectionate and familiar way to refer to Des Moines. Keep in mind that this term may not be widely recognized outside of the city.

3. Regional Variations

Regional variations in pronunciation and terminology can differ significantly within France and other French-speaking countries. However, when it comes to “Des Moines,” there are no major regional variations to note. The formal translation remains the same across regions, with slight differences in pronunciation depending on the accent.

4. Tips and Examples

Tips for Pronunciation:

  • Make sure to pronounce the nasal “n” sound at the end of “Moines”.
  • Practice pronouncing the “oi” sound in “Moines” like “wan” with a nasal tone.
  • The stress is on the second syllable, so emphasize “Moines.”


Here are a few examples of using “Des Moines” in French sentences:

“Je vais à Des Moines demain.” (I’m going to Des Moines tomorrow.)

“J’ai rencontré mes amis à Des Moines.” (I met my friends in Des Moines.)

“Des Moines est une belle ville.” (Des Moines is a beautiful city.)


Now you know how to say “Des Moines” in both formal and informal contexts in French. Whether you choose to use the formal translation or opt for a more casual nickname, you will be able to communicate effectively with French speakers. Remember to practice your pronunciation, paying attention to the nasal “n” sound and stressing the correct syllables. Bon voyage! (Have a good trip!)

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