How to Say “Cute Baby” in Arabic: Formal and Informal Ways

Welcoming a baby into the world is a moment of pure joy and happiness, and we often find ourselves searching for the perfect words to describe just how adorable they truly are. If you are looking to express admiration for a cute baby in Arabic, you have come to the right place! In this guide, we will explore both formal and informal ways to say “cute baby” in Arabic.

Formal Ways to Say “Cute Baby” in Arabic

When it comes to formal expressions, Arabic language offers various ways to convey the idea of a cute baby. Here are some examples:

1. مَولُود اللَّهِ المَمْتَاز (Mawlood Allah al-mumtaaz)

This formal Arabic phrase translates to “blessed baby.” Using this expression acknowledges the beauty and divine nature of the newborn baby, emphasizing their uniqueness and angelic presence in the family. It is often used in more literary or formal contexts.

2. طِفْلُ الأحْلام (Tifl al-ahlam)

In Arabic, this phrase means “dream baby.” Calling a baby a dream suggests that they bring joy, happiness, and fulfillment to their loved ones. It is a poetic and affectionate expression that highlights the baby’s positive impact on those around them.

3. الجَوْهَرَة الصَّغِيرَة (Al-Jawharah as-saghira)

This formal phrase translates to “the little jewel.” By using this expression, you emphasize the preciousness and value of the baby. It reflects the belief that a baby is a true treasure and brings light and joy into their family’s life.

Informal Ways to Say “Cute Baby” in Arabic

When it comes to informal ways of expressing the cuteness of a baby in Arabic, people often rely on endearing terms and phrases that reflect their affection and the joy the baby brings to their lives. Here are a few examples:

1. يا قُمْشَة (Ya qumsha)

This informal expression, which translates to “Oh little cloth,” compares the baby to a small piece of fabric. It conveys a sense of tenderness and softness, implying that the baby is as gentle and delicate as a precious fabric.

2. يا زَهْرَة (Ya zahrah)

In Arabic, “Ya zahrah” means “Oh flower.” Using this expression, you compare the baby to a beautiful flower, emphasizing their innocence, purity, and natural beauty. It is a charming and widely used way to express affection towards babies.

3. حَبِيْبِي / حَبِيْبَتِي (Habibi / Habibati)

Calling a baby “habibi” (if male) or “habibati” (if female) is another informal and widely used way to express affection. These terms are derived from the Arabic word for “beloved” and are used as endearing nicknames for loved ones, including babies.


Arabic, a language rich in expressions and endearing terms, offers various formal and informal ways to say “cute baby.” Whether you opt for the formal phrases that reflect the divine nature and uniqueness of the baby or the informal expressions that emphasize their tenderness and softness, the Arabic language has you covered. So, go ahead and spread the joy by using these expressions to describe the cuteness of a baby in Arabic!

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