How to Say Computer Programmer in Mandarin

When it comes to expressing the term “computer programmer” in Mandarin, there are various ways to accurately convey this concept. In this guide, we will explore both formal and informal phrases for “computer programmer” in Mandarin Chinese. We will skip regional variations for now and focus on the common expressions used across different Mandarin-speaking communities. Whether you are looking to learn how to address a computer programmer politely, have an informal conversation, or simply expand your Mandarin vocabulary, this guide has got you covered!

Formal Ways to Say Computer Programmer in Mandarin

In formal situations, it is often appropriate to use more specific terms when referring to a computer programmer. Below, you’ll find some commonly used phrases:

1. 程序员 (chéngxùyuán)

The term “程序员” is the most common way to say “computer programmer” in Mandarin Chinese. It directly translates to “programmer” or “software developer” and is widely recognized across different Mandarin-speaking regions. This term is highly suitable for formal settings, official documents, and professional contexts.

(Chéngxùyuán shì dāngjīn xìnxī jìshù lǐngyù de zhòngyào cóngyè rényuán.)
“Computer programmers are vital professionals in the field of information technology today.”

2. 计算机程序设计师 (jìsuànjī chéngxù shèjìshī)

Another formal term to address a computer programmer is “计算机程序设计师” which translates to “computer program designer” or “computer software engineer.” It emphasizes the designing aspect of computer programs and is commonly used in professional and legal contexts.

(Wǒ de mèngxiǎng shì chéngwéi yīmíng yōuxiù de jìsuànjī chéngxù shèjìshī.)
“My dream is to become an excellent computer program designer.”

Informal Ways to Say Computer Programmer in Mandarin

In more casual or informal conversations, Mandarin speakers often opt for simpler phrases when talking about computer programmers. Here are a couple of commonly used informal expressions:

1. 程序猿 (chéngxù yuán)

The term “程序猿” is a playful and colloquial way to refer to a computer programmer. It literally translates to “programmer monkey” or “code monkey.” This term is commonly used among friends or in informal tech-related discussions.

(Zhège wǎngzhàn de qiánduān xūyào yīgè lìhài de chéngxù yuán lái kāifā.)
“This website’s frontend requires a skilled programmer to develop.”

2. 程序高手 (chéngxù gāoshǒu)

“程序高手” can be translated as “programming expert” or “master programmer.” It carries a sense of admiration and respect, highlighting someone highly skilled in programming. This phrase is commonly used among tech enthusiasts, often in a friendly or informal context.

(Wǒ fēicháng pèifú nàgè chéngxù gāoshǒu de biānmǎ nénglì.)
“I greatly admire the coding skills of that programming expert.”


In summary, here are the formal and informal ways to say “computer programmer” in Mandarin Chinese:

  • Formal:
    • 程序员 (chéngxùyuán)
    • 计算机程序设计师 (jìsuànjī chéngxù shèjìshī)
  • Informal:
    • 程序猿 (chéngxù yuán)
    • 程序高手 (chéngxù gāoshǒu)

Whether you’re engaging in a formal conversation or simply having a casual chat with a friend, these phrases will help you communicate the concept of a computer programmer effectively. Remember to adapt your language based on the situation and the relationship you have with the person you are speaking to.

Don’t be afraid to practice using these phrases and explore other related vocabulary to expand your Mandarin proficiency. Happy learning, and may your programming journey be fruitful!

Written by Michael Wyatt

Ni hao! I'm Michael, a passionate learner of Mandarin and an enthusiast of the vibrant Chinese culture. I've been weaving a myriad of articles on dairy foods, harsh realities, tech world, and playful vocabularies of Mandarin language. If I'm not "dancing" around words for my syntax guides, you will find me rustling the "menu", looking for "chocolate ice cream", or chilling with a sip of "Ice wine". Let's cross the language barrier together, exploring phrases from "CEO" to "Crispy", from "Langkawi" to "Petronas Twin Towers". 让我们一起学习普通话吧!

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