How to Say Computer Printer in French

If you’re looking to expand your French vocabulary or simply need to communicate about computer printers in French, this guide will provide you with different ways to express this term. In this article, you will find both formal and informal ways to say “computer printer” in French, along with some tips and examples to help you use the phrases naturally. So, let’s dive into it!

Formal Ways to Say Computer Printer in French

In formal situations or when speaking with someone you don’t know well, it’s best to use more formal vocabulary. Here are a few options for expressing “computer printer” in a formal manner in French:

  1. Imprimante – This is the standard term used by native French speakers to refer to a computer printer. It is commonly used in formal and professional contexts.
  2. Imprimante d’ordinateur – This is a more specific way to refer to a computer printer, where “d’ordinateur” means “of computer” in English. While it may feel redundant to include “d’ordinateur,” it helps to clarify that you are specifically referring to a computer printer rather than other types of printers.
  3. Imprimante informatique – Similarly, “imprimante informatique” translates to “computer printer” and is another formal option.
  4. Multifonction – In formal settings, you may also encounter the term “multifonction,” which refers to a printer with additional functions such as scanning and copying capabilities.

Informal Ways to Say Computer Printer in French

In informal contexts or when speaking with family and friends, you can opt for more casual expressions. Here are a few informal alternatives for expressing “computer printer” in French:

  1. Imprimante – Yes, “imprimante” can also be used in informal situations. However, in casual conversation, native French speakers often omit the words “d’ordinateur” or “informatique” when it’s clear from the context that they are talking about a computer printer.
  2. Printer – It’s not uncommon for French speakers to use the English word “printer” in informal contexts, especially among younger generations or those more familiar with technology.
  3. Imprim’ – This is a shortened form of “imprimante” used in colloquial speech. Just like in English, where words are often abbreviated, the French language also has its own abbreviated versions.

Examples and Usage

Let’s take a look at some examples to help you better understand how to use these expressions in context:

Je dois acheter une nouvelle imprimante pour mon bureau. (I need to buy a new computer printer for my office.)

Est-ce que tu peux me prêter ton imprim’? J’ai besoin d’imprimer un document important. (Can you lend me your printer? I need to print an important document.)

L’imprimante d’ordinateur est en panne, il faut la réparer. (The computer printer is broken, it needs to be fixed.)

Je viens d’acheter une imprimante multifonction qui peut également scanner et copier des documents. (I just bought a multifunction printer that can also scan and copy documents.)

Regional Variations

When it comes to regional variations within France or the French-speaking world, the term “computer printer” remains largely consistent. However, in some francophone countries, such as Canada, you may hear the word “printer” used more frequently in informal contexts due to language influence from English. Nonetheless, the formal terms mentioned earlier in this guide are universally understood and accepted throughout the French-speaking world.

In Conclusion

Now that you are familiar with various ways to say “computer printer” in French, whether in formal or informal situations, you can confidently communicate about this topic with French speakers. Remember to choose the appropriate term based on the context and level of formality. With practice and exposure to the French language, using these phrases will become more natural. Happy printing!

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