How to Say Cat in Mongolian: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you want to learn how to say “cat” in Mongolian? In this guide, we’ll explore the formal and informal ways to say cat in the Mongolian language. Whether you’re visiting Mongolia, curious about the language, or simply want to expand your vocabulary, we’ve got you covered!

Formal Ways to Say Cat in Mongolian

When you want to use a more formal way to say “cat” in Mongolian, the word you will use is “муур” (muur). This is the standard term for cat that you’ll find in textbooks and formal situations. Here’s an example of how to use it:

“Тэр нь муур юм.” (Ter n muur yum.) – “It is a cat.”

Remember to pronounce “муур” as “muur,” with the “u” sound like in the English word “pure.”

Informal Ways to Say Cat in Mongolian

If you’re in a casual setting or having a conversation with friends, you might want to use a more informal term for cat. In Mongolian, the informal word for cat is “муурч” (muurch). Let’s see how you can incorporate this word into your conversations:

“Уу, муурч байна уу?” (Uu, muurch baina uu?) – “Hey, do you have a cat?”

The word “муурч” can also be used as an affectionate term, similar to calling a cat a “kitty” in English. Mongolians love their furry friends, so using this term can make your interactions more warm and friendly.

Regional Variations

Mongolia is a vast country with diverse dialects and regional variations. While the formal and informal terms for cat described above are widely used, it is worth mentioning that some regions have their own unique words for cat. Here are a few examples:

1. Buryat Mongolian:

In the Buryat region of Mongolia, the word for cat is “минь” (min). Here’s how you can use it:

“Минь ээнэ гэрэл” (Min een ge-ruhl) – “This is my cat.”

2. Khalkha Mongolian:

The Khalkha dialect, spoken in central Mongolia, uses the term “мяур” (myaur) as an informal way to say cat. It’s similar to the English “meow” and is often used when mimicking a cat’s sound. Here’s an example:

“Би мяур мяурлаа.” (Bi myaur myaurlaa.) – “I meowed.”


Congratulations! You’ve learned various ways to say “cat” in Mongolian. Whether you’re opting for the more formal “муур” (muur) or embracing the informality of “муурч” (muurch), you are now equipped to communicate about cats in Mongolian. Remember, language is an essential tool for cultural exchange, so don’t hesitate to use these words when interacting with Mongolian speakers. Enjoy your language journey, and embrace the beauty of communication beyond boundaries!

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