Guide on How to Say BTS Names

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to correctly pronounce BTS names! Whether you’re a devoted fan or just getting to know this globally popular South Korean boy band, it’s essential to learn how to pronounce their names properly. In this guide, we’ll cover both formal and informal ways of saying their names, focusing on the seven members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. While we won’t delve into regional variations extensively, we’ll touch upon any significant differences if necessary.

Formal Pronunciations

When addressing BTS members formally, it’s important to emphasize respect. Below, we present each member’s name and its correct pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). We’ll also provide an English approximation to assist with pronunciation.

RM (Rap Monster)

IPA: ɑːrm

English Approximation: R-AH-M


IPA: dʑin

English Approximation: J-IHN


IPA: su:ɡɑː

English Approximation: SOO-GAH


IPA: dʑeɪ.hoʊp

English Approximation: JAY-HOPE


IPA: tʃimɪn

English Approximation: JEE-MIN


IPA: vi:

English Approximation: VEE


IPA: dʑʌŋ.kʊk

English Approximation: JUNG-KOOK

Informal Pronunciations

Informal pronunciations often feature simplified versions of names that may sound more familiar to fans. These versions, commonly used in casual conversations or fan interactions, can sometimes deviate slightly from the strict formal pronunciations. Here are the informal pronunciations for BTS members:

RM (Rap Monster)

Informal: Ahrmy


Informal: Jin


Informal: Suga


Informal: Hobi


Informal: Jimin


Informal: Taehyung


Informal: Jungkook

Tips and Examples

Here are some tips to help you perfect your pronunciation of BTS members’ names:

1. Pay Attention to Vowel Sounds:

Ensure you use the correct vowel sounds when pronouncing their names. For example, in names like Jin or Jungkook, the ‘i’ sound is closer to ‘ih’ rather than ‘ee’.

2. Emphasize Consonant Clusters:

When there is a cluster of consonants, such as in RM or J-Hope’s names, make sure to enunciate each sound. Pronouncing ‘RM’ as separate ‘R’ and ‘M’ sounds is more accurate than blending them together.

Quote: “Jimin’s name should be pronounced as ‘JEE-MIN,’ with a clear emphasis on the ‘JEE’ sound.”

3. Listen to Native Pronunciations:

Find reliable sources, like interviews or performances, where BTS members introduce themselves. Listening to their native pronunciation can help you grasp the finer nuances of their names.

4. Practice with Fellow Fans:

Engage with other fans through online communities or fan gatherings to practice pronouncing the names together. Sharing your progress and receiving feedback can be fun and helpful.

Note: It’s important to remember that pronunciation can vary depending on dialects and accents within a language. The pronunciations provided in this guide represent the closest approximations for standard English speakers.

By following this guide, you’ll be able to confidently pronounce the names of BTS members in both formal and informal settings. Remember to practice regularly and have fun immersing yourself in the wonderful world of BTS and their incredible music!

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