How to Say Bento Box in Japanese: A Complete Guide

If you’ve ever indulged in Japanese cuisine or culture, chances are you have come across the famous bento box. A bento box is a traditional Japanese meal packed in a compartmentalized container. It typically consists of rice, fish, meat, or vegetables, and is often beautifully arranged with an array of vibrant colors and flavors.

Formal Ways to Say Bento Box in Japanese

In Japanese, a bento box is typically referred to as “弁当” (べんとう) or “お弁当” (おべんとう) in formal settings. The former is the general term for a bento box, while the latter is more polite and respectful. When ordering or referring to a bento box in a formal context, you can use the following phrases:

  • べんとう (Bentō): The most common and neutral way to say bento box informally.
  • お弁当 (Obentō): A more formal and polite term commonly used when speaking to superiors, strangers, or individuals in a service industry setting.
  • 弁当箱 (Bentōbako): A slightly more specific term that refers to the box or container itself. It is often used in formal settings or when discussing the physical aspect of the bento box.

Informal Ways to Say Bento Box in Japanese

When speaking casually or with friends, you can use more informal terms to refer to a bento box. These phrases are commonly used in everyday conversations:

  • べんと (Bento): This is a shortened and less formal version of “べんとう” (Bentō). It is widely used in informal conversations between friends, family, or peers.
  • お弁 (Oben): Another shortened form, mainly used by younger generations or in casual settings.

Regional Variations

While the phrases mentioned above are commonly used throughout Japan, it’s worth noting that regional variations exist. Different regions of Japan may have their own unique terms or dialects for a bento box. Here are a few notable examples:

In Hiroshima, a bento box is often referred to as “恵” (え), which is an abbreviation of the full term “弁当” (べんとう). This abbreviation is a distinct feature of the Hiroshima dialect. So, if you find yourself in Hiroshima, don’t be surprised if someone asks you if you want an “え” (e)!

Tips and Examples for Using the Phrases

Now that you know how to say bento box in Japanese formally and informally, let’s go over some tips and examples to help you incorporate these phrases into your conversations:

1. Ordering in a Restaurant

If you want to order a bento box in a restaurant, especially if it’s an unfamiliar place, it’s best to use the polite and formal term “お弁当” (Obentō). You can say:


This translates to “Excuse me, please give me one bento box.” Using this polite phrase shows respect and helps establish a friendly atmosphere with the staff.

2. Talking with Friends

When talking with friends about bento boxes, you can use the more casual terms:

(Nee, kyō no bento, sugoku oishisō datta yo!)

This translates to “Hey, today’s bento looked really delicious!” This informal phrase is perfect for casual conversations among friends.

In Conclusion

Mastering how to say bento box in Japanese will undoubtedly enhance your understanding and appreciation of Japanese cuisine and culture. Whether you’re ordering in a restaurant, talking with friends, or exploring different regions of Japan, now you can confidently use both formal and informal terms to refer to this beloved and iconic meal. Remember to adapt your language based on the setting and level of formality, and enjoy the delicious world of bento boxes!

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