How to say Annapolis: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you puzzled about how to pronounce “Annapolis” correctly? Look no further! In this handy guide, we will provide you with various ways to say “Annapolis”, including formal and informal pronunciations. We’ll also share some regional variations, if necessary. So, let’s dive right in!

Formal Pronunciation of Annapolis

In formal settings, such as official presentations, business meetings, or academic discussions, it is essential to pronounce “Annapolis” accurately. Here’s how to say it the formal way:


The key to pronouncing “Annapolis” formally is to emphasize three syllables: “Anne-a-polis”. Ensure you pronounce each syllable clearly and distinctly. This pronunciation is widely accepted across the United States and is the standard way of saying “Annapolis” in formal contexts.

Informal Pronunciation of Annapolis

When interacting casually with friends, family, or colleagues, you may opt for a more relaxed pronunciation of “Annapolis.” Here’s the informal way to say it:


In informal situations, the pronunciation “Nap-lis” is commonly used. It simplifies the word by dropping the first syllable, “Anne.” This shorter pronunciation is widely heard in everyday conversations in and around Annapolis. So, if you’re enjoying a laid-back chat, feel free to use this informal variation!

Regional Variations

Annapolis, as the capital of Maryland, has different regional pronunciations. While the formal and informal pronunciations mentioned above are widely understood, some subtle variations exist depending on the region you are in. Here are a few examples:

  • Southwestern Maryland: In this region, you may hear the pronunciation “Anna-puh-liss.” The emphasis is placed on the second and third syllables, with a slight alteration in the vowel sound between “a” and “u”.
  • Eastern Shore: On the Eastern Shore, some locals pronounce “Annapolis” as “Anna-pull-us”. This variation adds an “l” sound after the letter “a” in the second syllable.
  • Baltimore Area: In the Baltimore area, the pronunciation “Anna-pull-us” is also commonly heard. This variant is similar to the one on the Eastern Shore.

Remember, these regional variations are not as prevalent as the formal and informal pronunciations described earlier. However, if you are in a specific region and find yourself surrounded by locals using these pronunciations, it can be helpful to adapt for better communication and cultural immersion.

Additional Tips for Pronouncing “Annapolis”

Mastering a pronunciation involves more than just knowing the phonetic breakdown. Here are some additional tips to help you perfect your pronunciation of “Annapolis”:

  • Listen and Repeat: Practice makes perfect! Listen to native speakers pronouncing “Annapolis” and repeat it aloud to familiarize yourself with the typical sounds and cadence.
  • Pay Attention to Syllables: When pronouncing “Annapolis”, ensure each syllable is given its due importance. Stressing the right syllables enhances clarity and understanding.
  • Record Yourself: Use your smartphone or any recording device to capture your own pronunciation attempts. Compare your recording with native speakers or pronunciation guides to identify areas for improvement.
  • Slow Down: When starting to practice, take your time and say “Annapolis” slowly. Gradually increase your speed as you gain confidence.
  • Seek Feedback: Ask native English speakers or language enthusiasts for feedback on your pronunciation. They can offer valuable suggestions and help fine-tune your skills.

Remember, achieving a native-like pronunciation takes time and practice. So, be patient with yourself and enjoy the process of improving your spoken English!


In conclusion, “Annapolis” is typically pronounced as “Anne-a-polis” in formal settings and as “Nap-lis” in informal conversations. Regional variations such as “Anna-puh-liss” or “Anna-pull-us” exist in specific areas of Maryland. By following the tips provided and practicing regularly, you’ll soon find yourself confidently saying “Annapolis” in any situation. So go ahead and amaze your friends with your newfound knowledge of this beautiful city’s name!

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