How to Say Alcohol Poisoning in Spanish

Learning how to say “alcohol poisoning” in Spanish can be useful when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries or when interacting with Spanish speakers. Whether you need to express it formally or informally, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will explore various translations, provide tips, examples, and mention any regional variations if necessary.

Formal Translation:

When discussing a serious topic like alcohol poisoning in a formal context, it’s important to use appropriate language. In Spanish, the formal translation for “alcohol poisoning” is:

Intoxicación etílica

Here, “intoxicación” means “poisoning” and “etílica” means “alcoholic.” By using this formal translation, you can effectively communicate the severity of the condition.

Informal Translation:

In more casual settings or when talking with friends, a common way to refer to alcohol poisoning in Spanish is:

Borrachera grave

In this informal translation, “borrachera” translates to “drunkenness” and “grave” means “serious.” This expression conveys the notion of a severe state caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Tips for Usage:

When using these translations, it’s essential to consider a few tips:

  • Context: Always consider the context before using a specific translation. Understanding how formal or informal your conversation is will help you choose the appropriate term.
  • Clarity: If you believe the person you are speaking to might not understand “alcohol poisoning,” you can add more detail by saying, “Intoxicación etílica causada por consumo excesivo de alcohol” (alcohol poisoning caused by excessive alcohol consumption) or “Borrachera grave debido a beber mucho alcohol” (serious drunkenness due to excessive alcohol intake).
  • Regional Variations: While the previously mentioned translations are widely understood across Spanish-speaking countries, it’s important to note that there might be variations in certain regions. However, these variations are not significant enough to warrant separate translations for each place.


To provide a better understanding of how to use these translations, let’s look at some examples:

Example 1:

English: My friend is in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning.

Formal Translation: Mi amigo está en el hospital debido a una intoxicación etílica.

Informal Translation: Mi amigo está en el hospital por una borrachera grave.

Example 2:

English: Be careful not to drink excessively. It can lead to alcohol poisoning.

Formal Translation: Ten cuidado de no beber en exceso. Puede provocar una intoxicación etílica.

Informal Translation: Ten cuidado de no beber demasiado. Puede causar una borrachera grave.

By utilizing these translations and adapting them to your specific situation, you will be able to effectively communicate the concept of alcohol poisoning in Spanish.

Remember, being aware of the context and the level of formality required is crucial in choosing the right term. Understanding these translations will help you communicate and seek assistance if needed, ensuring your safety and the safety of others.

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