How to Say a Course Was Good: Tips, Examples, and Regional Variations

When it comes to expressing your satisfaction with a course, it’s important to choose the right words and tone. Whether you want to convey your appreciation in a formal or informal manner, this guide will provide you with various tips, examples, and even touch upon regional variations, if necessary. So, let’s dive right in!

Formal Ways to Express a Course Was Good

When providing feedback about a course in a formal setting, it’s important to be clear, concise, and professional. Here are some phrases and tips to help you express your approval:

1. “The course was excellent.”

This simple statement is effective and direct. It clearly communicates your positive opinion of the course without any ambiguity. It can be used universally across different English-speaking regions.

2. “I would highly recommend this course.”

Emphasize the course’s value by expressing your strong recommendation. This indicates your satisfaction and confidence in the course material. Using this sentence will leave a positive impact on both the course provider and potential future students.

3. “The course content was insightful and well-structured.”

Acknowledge the quality of the course content by highlighting its insights and structure. This allows you to demonstrate your appreciation for the thoughtfulness put into the curriculum and adds credibility to your positive feedback.

4. “The instructor’s expertise and delivery exceeded my expectations.”

Recognize the instructor’s skills and how they surpassed your initial expectations. This not only expresses your satisfaction with the course but also applauds the instructor’s abilities and teaching methods. Remember, appreciating the instructor’s efforts can be highly motivating.

Informal Ways to Express a Course Was Good

Informal settings allow for a more relaxed and casual tone. Here are some examples to help you express your appreciation informally:

1. “The course was awesome!”

Use this enthusiastic word to express your approval. It adds excitement to your statement and shows your genuine enthusiasm for the course. However, while this phrase is widely understood, note that it might be considered too informal in certain professional contexts.

2. “I had a blast taking this course!”

In a more informal context, using the phrase “had a blast” adds a touch of fun and enjoyment to your feedback. It conveys not only your appreciation but also the positive experience you had during the course.

3. “The course rocked my world!”

This phrase adds a sense of impact and excitement to your feedback. It implies that the course had a significant and positive influence on your life, making it a memorable experience. However, be cautious when using this phrase in formal or academic settings.

Regional Variations in Expressing a Course Was Good

While the phrases mentioned above can generally be used across English-speaking regions, there may also be some regional variations in expressing satisfaction with a course. Let’s explore a few examples:

American English:

  • “The course was top-notch!”
  • “I couldn’t be happier with the course.”
  • “This course was totally worth it!”

British English:

  • “The course was brilliant!”
  • “I’m over the moon with this course!”
  • “The course was simply splendid!”

Australian English:

  • “The course was bonzer!”
  • “I reckon this course was ripper!”
  • “This course was bloody fantastic!”

Keep in mind that regional variations are a way to add flavor and authenticity to your expressions. Use them when appropriate or when talking to people from specific regions to create a more relatable connection.

Remember, regardless of the phrasing you choose, it’s essential to be polite and sincere when expressing your opinion about a course. Use these tips, examples, and regional variations (if applicable) to provide valuable feedback and help others make informed decisions. Happy learning!

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